Vinny The Fly: Gordon’s Future

Browns, start wide receiver have reached a crossroads entering the 2014 offseason. Decisions, decisions...

For the first time since the end of the 2011 season, the Cleveland Browns plan to have the same head coach returning to the team.

Poor Mike Pettine. He’s been selected to remain on the sidelines for one of the most dysfunctional teams throughout the NFL. And the story only gets uglier in Cleveland.

After yet another losing season — 7-9 to be precise — there is optimism scattered among the roster, with one specific player being viewed as an enormous waste of talent by a growing number within the Browns organization.

Josh Gordon, the often suspended and seemingly always surrounded by mischief wide receiver can’t help but keep his name in a negative light.

Gordon’s latest act of irresponsibility centers around him missing a team walk-through the Friday before the season finale. The latest infraction is one in a long line of questionable occurrences from the talented, yet troubled player.

From substance abuse related issues when entering the league, to a little cough syrup issue, to yet another failed substance-related test and sprinkle in a few traffic violation, Gordon epitomizes what is wrong with many young athletes of today.

Many of these young players don’t get it. Responsibility is an issue. Accountability hasn’t been instilled at any level. The lack of respect toward the game and embracing the team environment has been an abysmal failure for Gordon.

Gordon’s act has grown tiresome to an organization that attempted to help the young man through discussion, counseling and understanding.

Speculation has begun to make its rounds that Gordon is attempting to force the Browns’ hand in hopes of gaining his release. The Browns have had on-again off-again talks with Gordon’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, due to Gordon’s suspension issues and potential disciplinary incidents.

Within the Browns locker room, teammates of Gordon have become annoyed with the continued issues, with the missed walk-through being the final straw for many. Stories from Gordon’s distant attitude and behavior to speculation the 2013 Pro Bowl wide receiver is struggling with personal issues and doesn’t truly comprehend the significance of his indiscretions.

As the Gordon factor has cast a negative effect in the Browns locker room, the Browns hierarchy is at a crossroad with the player. Can they make a reclamation project out of the young man or has the time come to cut their losses and forge ahead?

A handful of league executive types told theOBR on Monday they expect the Browns to attempt to trade Gordon upon the start of the new league season in March of 2015. Others around the league are skeptical Gordon can stay clear of the league disciplinary process.

Discussing the ongoing Gordon situation with members of the Browns organization there is a sense of aggravation, disappointment and belief that removing Gordon from the equation would be in their best interest.

As of today, the Browns have not determined whether they will attempt to salvage their relationship with Gordon. The wide receiver will be the topic of discussion between the team owner, general manager and head coach next week in Cleveland.

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