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Browns fans ask the most pertinent questions as the team starts the offseason with a bang. TheOBR's Lane Adkins has the answers.

Q: Lane, many thanks for your reporting. It (your reporting) gives me hope that the FO shares the same vision for prospective draftees. Also giving hope is that the FO is now together enough to let coaches (and players) demonstrate their true colors (actions) and then make corrections if needed.

It also is of interest watching (through you) the owner and Farmer learning to trust Pettine's observations of players and coaches.

LA: The key to this situation from my perspective is having people in place that are on the same page with the FO and HC. The vision the Browns at that level is what ultimately will drive this team -- the view wasn't shared by every party and thus change.

Q: I my have missed it but did this really happen? Who was the culprits or are you not at liberty to say?

LA: I don't know the extent of the communications and whether it was between FO and staff on the sidelines or FO and coaches in the booth.

All I do feel confident about is that there was communication.

Q: Do the Browns expect to be punished for the text messaging to the sidelines?

LA: IF there was such, then yes.

The question is how far did the messaging go, I do know there were communications, whether that was up in the box, FO to staff, I am uncertain.

Q: On KNR, it sounds like Grossi wont say but will intimate that Scheiner is perhaps sticking his nose where he shouldn't. Is that at all the case? What's the overall dynamic currently?

LA: I'd say there are some within the organization that are opinionated.

The overall dynamic or despair some are reporting is not an issue -- was an issue for a couple people wanting to get out


Q: It seems from reading posts in the watercooler that some people believe that we are definitely going with JFF next year. Do you believe that is the case? Or do you believe others will be brought in too compete?

LA: Manziel has to prove himself to the FO, coaching staff and locker room. As long as he doesn't violate the rules and puts his nose to the grindstone, he'll get the opportunity to prove himself.

There is nobody associated with the Cleveland Browns that has stated or discussed Manziel as the starting QB, and I have been told nothing will be handed to him and the organization intends on having viable QB (s) within the roster.

Q: With JFF being such a spoiled person how do you think he feels about this situation?

The FO can not cut him, the OC has been let go, JFF is still here did he get his way? He has not paid a price but is now the starting QB.

LA: He'll openly say the right thing, but is likely to be indifferent on the situation.

Manziel has gotten nothing but a free year worth of salary and he isn't the starting QB -- he is simply a QB for the Cleveland Browns. NOBODY within the Browns organization views Manziel as the starting QB at this time. They hope he turns the corner and becomes that guy, but that'll be determined at a later time.

Q: RealPhipps posted a rumor that Manziel's "handers", aka Nate "Uncle" Fitch has approached the Browns and there is some mutual desire to move him out of Cleveland? Could happen in March? Are you hearing anything on this?

LA: I don't know specifics, but do know with certainty Manziel's management has spoken with the Browns on more than one occasion within the past couple months.

Q: I was just wondering if Manziel was thrown to the wolves and named starter at the beginning of the season, ready or not, That it would have better effect in knocking Manziel into reality a lot sooner and by the end of the season he would be the QB that we would expect a first rd QB to be.?or we find out without even a doubt he wasn't? I know we might not of won 7 games, But we could of gotten a better read or better QB in Manziel going forward.

LA: It certainly would have been a dose of reality for the rookie QB as well as destroying the entire locker room from day-one.

The organization would have gotten a better look at the QB, but entered the season with an approach to compete, win games. That was the statement to these guys in the locker room and Pettine wasn't going to cut these guys off at the legs in the locker room.


Q: Kyle didn't leave Washington on very good terms, same as the Browns. Are the issues with Kyle the same with both teams. If he doesn't get his way than it's the highway?

LA: Some comparable instances.

Shanahan is the type of OC that wants things a specific way and does have issues at times dealing with people. This isn't to say the issues with he and the Browns were solely his fault, they were not, both sides could have done a better job.

At the end of the day, when the GM and HC want something that the OC doesn't supply or agree with, then you have little choice to move on.

Q: Would Shanny be under any obligation to not discuss how things went down behind the scenes in Cleveland after he lands elsewhere? Is he the type to air dirty laundry about the organization?

LA: I am told within Shanahan's ability to move on, he is not permitted to discuss the Cleveland Browns in a negative light.

Q: Looking back, it doesn't seem like he was Pettine's guy but rather, a guy the soon-to-be outed Banner might bring in to pair with Pettine. If I recall, there were reports his interview didn't go well and then he was hired. I know you had a lot of good notes from that tumultuous time from when Pettine was hired to the ouster of Lombanner. Can you rehash and/or clarify? Thanks Lane. Great work as always!

LA: Joe Banner

Q: Any other Banner hires on the coaching staff we should know I know why Mike's son no longer works for us. Also, was Aaron signed only to a one year there a chance he stays!

LA: Players, the HC and DC love Glenn -- we have to see if Hafley moves on also (if you've read the Fast Lane notes).

Glenn enjoyed working with this group and there definitely mutual interest for Glenn to remain, but he deserves to be more than an assistant DB coach.


Q: First GREAT read on the so called 'friction'. One of your best. My question is about Loggains. What is your read on him as a coach and person? Was he a straight forward kind of guy or a little bit of a weasel. Was he loyal to the coaches or an eye and ear to Haslam? Don't know if you can put this up here or PM. If you can I'd love a little insight on him. Thanks

LA: Weasel

Wasn't trusted by some. Smart guy, just a dumbass.

Q: Shanahan never seemed in Hoyer's corner in training camp and your reports about his wanting Cousins and Schaub confirm this.
Every Loggains interview featured five paragraphs of JFF to one on Hoyer.

When neither your immediate supervisor or his supervisor want you around, it will affect your performance. At best, it impairs the working relationship beyond the bare minimum (ie, they're not having beers after work to discuss the o-line situation); at worst all communication shuts down.

How much did the no-confidence vibe from Shanahan and Loggains affect Hoyer?

LA: There was always a vibe that both wanted Manziel early in the process. This waned as time passed as Manziel wasn't enamoring himself to those guys as the season progressed.

Q: There has been some mention of grumbling amongst the offensive players about the latest changes. Is this true? I can't blame them considering what has happend recently. But do they at least understand why this had to happen? What are their thoughts?

LA: I have spoken with three members of the team, on the offensive side of the ball and to a man, they state they'd wait and see what the direction is and they believe in Pettine to get the right guys in here.

As for understanding what has occurred -- these guys aren't losing any sleep over the departure of Shanahan and Loggains.


Q: why do fans not understand when tape was a large enough volume on Hoyer he became a very ineffective QB. Hoyer is not the answer. Lane do you believe Hoyer is a starting NFL QB/ Yes or No.

LA: I believe Hoyer can be a short-term type starter or starter on a team that is loaded where he doesn't have to be the guy - I don't see a Hoyer-led team being one which plays in mid-January on.

If I'm sitting in the FO making the call, I am looking for a QB.

Q: Considering the conflict, could the new set of offensive coaches, offensive coordinator and QB coach think about resigning Brian Hoyer?

LA: Regardless of the coaches coming and going, it will be a dollars and cents “sense” :-) approach with Hoyer, as well as fit in what the new OC will want.

Q: If it ends up that we hire Charlie Weis, does that increase the odds that we bring back Hoyer to play in an offense that he is more familiar with?

LA: I'd say it doesn't necessarily hurt Hoyer, but he and Hoyer have no history other than Hoyer knowing the NE offensive system.


Q: I read one report that the Browns reached out to Charlie Weis.i am not excited about that. Since leaving Bill B. he has done nothing.

The 3 guys I would like to see get a look.

Bill Callahan (current OL coach Cowboys) had success with the Raiders as a OC and a HC. Also had success in NYJ as OL coach, while Pettine was there as a DC. No nonsense Coach who gets results.

Mike Mularkey- (current TE coach Titans) had great success with Steelers as OC and with rookie Matt Ryan in ATL as OC.

Randy Fichtner (current QB coach Steelers) served as a WR coach also. Some said he should have replaced Arians when he left as OC. He has the respect of the players.

What do you think?

LA: It's very early in the process, but I am sensing at this point the Browns have identified capable coaches that the HC is familiar with. As time passes without a hire, the potential of a coach under contract or still playing/coaching becomes more of a reality.

Callahan is likely to garner interest but I have also been told an organization such as the Browns like him more as an OL coach, rather than OC.

I have heard absolutely nothing on Mularkey and CLE.

I am told Fichtner is a coach that could garner looks this off-season, have not heard CLE mentioned.

Q: Cavanaugh and Defillipo would work for about for the Browns!?

LA: Will be strongly considered.

If not for Joe Banner, John DeFilippo would have been hired as the QB last year

Q: Cavanaugh seems like a strong possibility to me (for OC) and he has history with Sanchez who also I think is going to be FA (correct me if I'm wrong). Do you know anything about their working relationship with the Jets. Would they be open to a possible reunion?

Could start to look a lot like the Jets from a few years ago. There certainly could be worse things actually, and that brand of football would fit well in this division I think. Just wondering if you had any insight there.

LA: A Cavanaugh move would potentially bring Mark Sanchez into the picture and I don't necessarily believe that is a bad thing.

Cavanaugh and Sanchez were okay.

It's simple really, the Browns are not going to leave themselves exposed at QB, there will be a viable option on this roster and Sanchez is still relatively young, is experienced, can play within a controlled setting of ball control.

Q: with east -- west and senior bowl coming up wouldn't the browns want oc and quarterback named so the scouting staff knows what they like ? 2. week or 2

LA: Possible, some will depend on a coach or two they like getting out of their respective contracts.

Q: If the Browns are able to bring in a veteran QB (say a Sanchez or someone of that caliber), but not a Foles(or someone that is a clear starter/upgrade from last year), would we consider bringing in another rookie QB to compete? Sanchez - Manziel - Rookie?

LA: My belief from very early discussion is the Browns would like to add an experienced, capable QB, but not a 35 year old grizzled vet.

I am also under the impression the Browns are looking at the collegiate QBs and have no reservation about selecting one if the right opportunity presents itself.

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