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On Johnny, the coordinator search, and the sloppy exit of Kyle Shanahan

  • Contrary to various reports, the Browns have not and are not committed to QB Johnny Manziel as the starter heading into the 2015 season. The Browns want to see commitment and development from Manziel and seek to hire a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator who not only improve the Browns offense, but can develop talent – something which the organization wasn’t satisfied with in their 2014 QB coach and OC.
  • OC Kyle Shanahan wanting to exit the Browns did not come as a surprise to the organization – but, the deliberate, disrespectful manner which he did so came as a surprise to some within the Browns organization. Shanahan discussing opportunities with others outside the Browns was related to the Browns staff prior to the former OC talking with team owner Jimmy Haslam.
  • A member of the Browns organization has told theOBR that there is a belief within the organization and league that Shanahan had been organizing his exit strategy for some time. The belief in Cleveland and throughout the league is Shanahan will end-up on either New York as the OC for what is believed to be soon to be HC Dan Quinn (Seattle DC) or Chicago.
  • QB coach and OC candidates are very interested to hear the Browns perspective on their QB situation. TheOBR has learned no less than two candidates have reservations about Johnny Manziel.
  • TheOBR has learned the Browns front office and head coach is not averse to changing the base offensive scheme if necessary. But, the Browns also believe candidates on their radar have the experience or skill as offensive coaches to work within the versatile talent within the roster.
  • In speaking to a front office executive with a competing AFC team, theOBR has learned the following on the Browns FO and offensive coach issues, “There was an element of accountability and distrust for the front office when it came to the top two offensive coaches. A lot of double talking, plenty of looking the other way and constant complaining due to not having specific/requested players in the system was part of the issue. And, early love for the QB (Manziel) waned quickly when they got a first-hand, up-close look at the quarterback and how adverse he was to study and commitment.”
  • Contrary to one report the Browns were actively shopping WR Josh Gordon and Manziel, our AFC executive notes, “The Browns haven’t suddenly looked to trade Gordon. It’s been out there for some time that the Browns would discuss Gordon, if the calls would come – they did not.”

    As for Manziel, “There has been chatter for months that he (Manziel) wanted to be somewhere. From what we have heard, some of this is due to the player not being happy in Cleveland and the staff not enabling him due to his poor work ethic. The pre-draft belief that he (Manziel) would struggle in a structured system has shown true in Cleveland to this point and he showed little interest in changing that thought.”
  • The Browns are interested in speaking to Dallas Cowboys OC/OL coach Bill Callahan. But, theOBR has heard Callahan is only one of many the Browns would like to speak with, and are not holding up their process.

    As for Callahan the coach, theOBR has learned the Browns believe he is one of the very best OL coaches in the game; but has displayed tendencies of not running a balanced offensive scheme as an OC.

    With speculation of OL coach Andy Moeller possibly moving onto the University of Michigan, Callahan could become an interesting duel threat candidate.
  • Along with Callahan, another veteran OL coach with HC experience could be on the radar, dependent on his present situation. Tony Sparano, presently the interim head coach in Oakland could become an option for the Browns once the HC situation in Oakland is resolved.
  • Marc Trestman, the former Chicago Bears head coach, is a name near the top of many lists as a candidate for the Browns coordinator position. Trestman brings a versatile offensive philosophy into the equation, but theOBR has learned Cleveland isn’t at the top of his pecking order due to the instability the Browns organization has displayed for more than a decade.
  • The Browns have requested permission to speak with Oakland QB coach John DeFilippo for the Browns vacant OC position. DeFilippo interviewed for the Browns OC and QB spots a year ago and impressed HC Mike Pettine, but the organization and process led by then CEO Joe Banner selected Dowell Loggains for the QB coach spot and Kyle Shanahan for the OC position.

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