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Now that an OC is hired, Browns fans turn attention to QB, most notably Mark Sanchez.

Ask The Insiders

Now that an OC is hired, Browns fans turn attention to QB, most notably Mark Sanchez


Q: I like his ability to improve players but who do you see as the coach that will call the plays and what scheme we will run?

LA: DeFilippo is your play-caller and we will see a modified version of the WCO, which is basically versions/looks throughout the league with different twists.

Q: What type of offense do he run do we know?

LA: Modified WCO

Q: Is he being brought in to be the OC, or was he hired to fix Manziel? If its the first, then good on him if he can fix Manziel, but if its the second, then I'm afraid they're missing the point.

LA: This is a very bright young coach that communicates extremely well and thinks outside the box.

Q: Lane are you hearing any rumblings about whether or not Flip is going to keep the ZBS?

LA: Hearing the Browns initial intention is to retain a base ZBS scheme with variance for power rushing incorporated.

DeFilippo is more of a power rushing guy that will utilize RBs out of the backfield and will have more of a vertical look in the passing game -- based on talent.

The veteran QB coach wants to coordinate a balanced offensive scheme, the new OC does not intend on the Browns offense to be pass-happy and is all for controlling the ball, shortening the game.

Q: Who would make assistant offensive consultant ? if they hire DeFilippo as qb coach who would be the offensive coordinator ? just hope they hire him as offensive coordinator wait any longer they will lose more plus DeFilippo has to get his staff together

LA: They don't have many holes to fill on staff.


Q: Weren’t DeFilippo and Mark Sanchez together with the Jets?

LA: Yes, DeFilippo was the QB coach with Sanchez and the Jets in 2009.

Q: Does this mean Mark Sanchez is seriously in play?

LA: Sanchez has been on their initial FA QB list and should be considered dependent on the QB situation.

Q: It has been reported Pettine is not the biggest fan of Sanchez. Is that true? And could you elaborate?

LA: Sanchez has matured quite a bit since arriving on NY in 2009. Pettine isn't a guy that really likes those players that present themselves as entitled -- which Sanchez did earlier in his career.

I don't believe Pettine would have issue with Sanchez, if he, Farmer,

DeFilippo and a new QB coach deem him the best qualified player for the situation.

Q: Lane, in a recent post you stated that Pettine was not enamored with Sanchez during his (Pettine's) prior coaching experience with the Jets. Accordngly, can we assume the same mentality is true today between Manzel and our coach?

LA: Pettine doesn't appreciate such, but Manziel really didn't display this as attitude as much as many would like for you to believe when in-house. His empty words now echo through the organization and locker room and all are watching.

Like I have said, the rope is out there, whether Manziel sticks his head through the noose is the question.

Q: Sanchez or Locker?

LA: Many will think I am insane, but I am going to say Mark Sanchez.

While Locker is young, more athletic and displayed flashes of why he was a high draft selection, he has also been consistently injured, inconsistent and tentative.

For a Browns team seeking stability and a leading voice under center, Locker's historical sideshow isn't one which displays the tools to be the guy.

This isn't to say Sanchez is a player that will solve all that ails the Browns QB position and offense overall. But, in Mark Sanchez you get a veteran QB that has been at the helm of a team that has played in numerous big games and has come up just short.

Sanchez achieved within an offensive scheme predicated on running the ball, controlling the clock and limiting mistakes. When Sanchez performed within the same scope, the Jets were a tough team to beat -- even with a passing attack that was very vanilla and play calling that was deemed inconsistent.

Coming into the league a bit arrogant, somewhat entitled and in the center of the New York media circus, Sanchez was under enormous pressure and has grown over the years -- much more mature and is a much more consistent student of the game.

It's Sanchez's experience, his ability to perform in an offensive scheme that wants to run the ball effectively and not solely relying on the QB that makes him attractive to a team such as the Browns of today.

You can win games with Sanchez under center, I'm not sold on being able to expect the same with Locker in the same role.

Nick Foles

Q: Have you heard anything in the way of how the feel about Foles?

If Philly Trades u and gets Mariotta that would leave Foles available.

LA: I believe Foles would be very interesting and in a position to succeed in the modified WCO under DeFilippo.

If the Eagles make a move on Mariota, as I suspect, Foles could become available.

Marcus Mariota

Q: If you're the GM, do you give up multiple first round picks to move up for Mariota? I'm not asking what you think will happen, but what would your final offer be to move up for Mariota, if you even feel he's worth trading up for?

LA: I am torn right now on whether the move would be the answer -- I like the young QB, I'm just not certain yet.

Ask me this one when we get to FA

Q: Seems pretty obvious the Eagles are going to make a play for him... any chance we make one as well? The "Favre and Rodgers" comment by Farmer has me wondering if we're considering rostering both Manziel and Mariota.

LA: The Browns will be gauging the market. A year ago, Ray Farmer loved Mariota and that sentiment hasn't changed and the present QB situation in CLE hasn't done anything to ease his mind on the topic.

Q: I really don’t see how the Eagles get to Mariotta. They have the 20th pick in the draft. They have no big time players to trade other than the running back.

LA: Looking at the Eagles draft selections, I don't see them making a move without dealing future assets and players.

I am not sold on dealing #12 and #19 and possibly more to get Mariota -- not yet at least

Q: From what I've read and observed from Farmer's brief and curt replies to Browns related questions over the past 3 months, I must say I'm very disappointed with the character of his responses. Seem to be striving for political correctness (maybe to protect his job) as opposed to granting harsh perceived reality, which if true, does not reflect a person of respect. Any comment?

LA: Ray Farmer is not one that gives anything away, no details, nothing solid on the internal workings and discussions of the organization. I'd rather deal with a man that is consistent in his approach, his delivery and discussion than dealing with a guy talking out of both ends and playing games with the media, etc.

Q: What other additions do you see happening? Sr Offensive-type? QB coach? WR coach?

LA: I am working on a couple QB coach names, but nothing I can gain collaboration on just yet.

There is no commitment to a SR Offensive Asst of yet.

Q: Lane, knowing what you know, if you had your way what would the Browns QB situation look like come training camp 2015? (obviously just out of the realistic possibilities)

LA: I believe we'll see Manziel, Shaw, a veteran and possibly a rookie leading up training camp.

Q: Is the 2015 browns starting QB on he current roster?

LA: I don't see it


Q: I’m a little worried. Manziel’s tweet about life being like a dance, you learn as you go... was deleted. It seemed like a harmless little tweet, the kind most players tweet all the time (inspirational quotes etc.). Is there any back story to this? A Reason why is was tweeted/removed that’s not obvious?

LA: Nothing that I am aware of

Josh Gordon

Q: Just curious if there is a timeline or it already happened on what the status of his suspension is - did they void the season for 2014 thus requiring two more seasons with the Browns?

LA: At this point due to the one game suspension, Gordon is under contract for an additional year, which his agent and the NFLPA will fight.

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