The Fast Lane on the QBs

The Browns may be calm on the outside, but on the inside they're looking hard and fast at the available quarterbacks.

Following the 2014 season, the Cleveland Browns off-season again takes on the look of many of the prior years.

The Browns missed the playoffs, there are changes within the coaching staff, their own free agent players are ready for the opportunity to become free agents and the Browns need a quarterback.

"Desperate" to secure a starting quality quarterback would be an understatement for the Browns.

Yet again, the Browns are back at the drawing board, embarking on another search for that elusive key player.

Jimmy Haslam, owner of the Browns has instructed his front office that securing a franchise type quarterback is essential for the organization.

With Johnny Manziel, a first round selection of the Browns in the 2014 draft in rehab, Conner Shaw not thought of as starter quality and Brian Hoyer getting ready for his free agency tour, the Browns intend on turning over every stone in this year's search.

Throughout the 2014 season and into the off-season, the Browns and generally general manager Ray Farmer has distanced himself from Hoyer.

TheOBR has been told, the Browns as an organization appreciate the efforts Hoyer put forward in his time with the organization. But, the evaluation process in Cleveland leads the organization to believe there are options to improve upon the inconsistency Hoyer and the Cleveland offense displayed a season ago.

As the off-season gets underway, the Browns have a list of quarterbacks they are evaluating. From street free agent types to those under contract to other teams, the Browns are preparing to add another quarterback to what has become the single-most unstable situation in the NFL.

As the pressure mounts in Cleveland due to the dire need at the quarterback position, rumor and speculation are at center stage as to what the Browns are doing to rectify their immediate issue.

Just working through the list of potential quarterbacks can be reason of concern on differing levels.

Nick Foles in Philadelphia could be on the move via trade. The Browns had expressed interest in the young QB during the 2012 NFL draft and had discussed dealing for the signal-caller prior to the 2013 season.

The Eagles do not view Foles as a true fit in the offensive scheme of head coach Chip Kelly. Much like the Browns, the Eagles have a keen interest in quarterback Marcus Mariota (Oregon) in the draft.

TheOBR has learned the Browns believe Mariota would be a ‘fit’ in the base offensive scheme the team will utilize under first year offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. The Browns - despite changing their offensive coordinator this off-season -intend on running the same base offense as a season ago.

Heading into the NFL Combine and subsequent workouts prior to the draft, the Browns will keep a close eye on Mariota.

Farmer and his staff has spent a good amount of time evaluating the quarterbacks in the draft, as well as players of varying experience at the NFL level.

TheOBR has learned the Browns have Foles, along Mark Sanchez (PHI), Josh McCown (TB), Mike Glennon (TB), Matt McGloin (OAK), Josh Johnson (SF), Jake Locker (TENN), Austin Davis (STL) and Hoyer on their list of potentially available quarterbacks. Others are believed to be on the Browns list, but theOBR has not confirmed those interests.

Whether via free agency, trade or the draft, the Cleveland Browns will add a quarterback to the mix in the coming months.

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