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Q: Please help me understand what the Browns are thinking...So, apparently, we have the 3rd most cap space (roughly $49M-$50M), but we're not going to be very active in FA? I'm I missing something? Is our roster that good that we can stand pat? A couple small signings, ala the Indians. Please tell me that they're playing coy. I realize that some of that money will be reinvested into re-signing some of our own guys, but, hell, not $50M worth.

LA: If things play put as they hope or are attempting, we should see less in numbers, more in salary -- in FA and within the present roster.


Q: What do you think the plan is for opening day starter? Is the QB on the roster already? Draft? FA pick up? or trade for him? What do you think they really want to happen? No just Haslam, but what does Farmer think. Mind you, I am just wondering about who we start season with....not long term plan.

LA: The starter for the 2015 season is a wide open issue presently. With Manziel's situation, Hoyer a FA, Shaw showing grit and an under average arm and nobody else on the roster, the organization has little choice but bringing in another QB or re-signing Hoyer.

The list of available QBs isn't strong, but is workable.


Q: What kind of penalties are you expecting? Bill Polian saying Browns should expect a stiff one

LA: Multiple games for Farmer, a draft pick and a fine.

Q: Do you think Farmer's open admittance and apologies have any positive affect to the NFL in deciding the punishment it is about to hand down?

LA: Slightly

Q: I understand a GM or anyone else having their cell phone available up in the suites during the games, but why would a coach even have their phone with them during a game on the sidelines?

Has it ever been identified who the textee was?

LA: Farmer texted to Loggains and at least one other member of the staff.

Q: Gut feeling, what round draft pick are you expecting?

LA: 3-4


Q: Provided the Browns's don't package their ones for a QB, would they get a WR in the first round. There are 3-5 to choose from.

LA: I believe the Browns need to secure a talent outside -- and I believe Farmer is playing coy on the WR position.

Q: On second thought, you would have to be an idiot to not take the Browns 3 ones. Next year will be top five likely right?

LA: Unless they get a QB, it could be a troubling situation.

Johnny Manziel

Q: it sounds as if the front office is being incredibly stubborn in recognizing Manziels short comings in both effort to work and learn the system and just overall talent.

blaming the coaches? Isn't that a cop out by Farmer?

Realizing you can't cut the 22nd pick a year later - wouldn't the reasonable thing to do would be to bring in a veteran as starter, and another young qb with potential to compete with Manziel?

Handing him even the 2nd string job just perpetuates his attitude of entitlement, does it not?

LA: I don't believe so, they recognize Manziel's issues. They don't view him as a savior type, maybe not even a franchise type, but do believe he has the tools to be a good NFL QB.

The organization isn't placing the onus on the coaches, they did realize a couple coaches did play into the equation, but not the reason why development lacked overall.

Yes, they need to add a presence that can calm the situation in the QB room.

Manziel is going to have to work, he isn't going to be handed the starting job and if they continue to have reservations about him, they will seriously look at potential long term options.

Justin Gilbert

Q: The coaching staff and famer keep alluding that Gilbert's problems last year were deeper then Attitude and maturity. What have you heard ?

LA: Gilbert has issues focusing and is far too impressionable -- he is getting some help.

Q: Lane do you have any insight on gilberts personal problem? it sounds more like a learning/attention disorder than a family problem

LA: Out of respect to him, I would rather not say.

He is getting some help.

We are seeing guys heeding the words coming from vets like Dansby and Whitner.

Sam Bradford

Q: Slam dunk or not? We have ammunition. Along with the cap. Why not??

LA: Am told Bradford is a QB the Browns have identified as a player of interest -- almost very QB of potential is on the list.

Jay Cutler

Q: It seems we'll either be reaching in the draft or signing an "also ran" free agent at QB. What would stop the Browns from seriously considering a deal for Jay Cutler besides the price tag? It seems he buys the front office the time they need to find "their guy" long term.

LA: Serious dollars, not known as a leader, isn't protective with the ball and may be too temperamental for Pettine.

Mark Sanchez

Q: I still believe he is the best option out there, by far. Without trading or drafting a rookie.

I know a lot of people say Locker but Sanchez has tasted some success.

What do the Browns think?

LA: I am told Sanchez is listed in the upper portion of their QB list.

While I like Locker athleticism, he has had serious issue with injury and productivity. Sanchez while having his own struggles at this level has tasted success and has the skill-set and experience for this offensive scheme.

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