Rumor: Peter King proposes a Bradford trade

We'll just square the hypotenuse here, and account for the federal reserve interest rate... and... viola! New quarterback!

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Peter King, when all is said and done, seems like a reasonable enough fellow. I can’t say I agree with everything he says, but he’s one of the few who I get the sense actually likes visiting Cleveland. Usually what we get from the national media is barely restrained smirking until the occasional success means it’s time to pitifully yammer on about how fans here need a winning team because our lives are so horrible.

So, when King brings up this Sam Bradford thing again, I give him a little leeway. Still, we’ve been throwing cold water on the notion of Bradford to Cleveland for good reasons:

  1. St. Louis has exactly squat behind Bradford at the QB position, unless you’re an Austin Davis fan.
  2. Bradford collects injuries like I collect neighborhood complaints about empty beer cans in my front yard.
  3. Bradford is a free agent after this year, meaning he’s just a one-year rental.
  4. St. Louis has been publicly saying, over and over, that this is a bunch of hooey.

So, there’s all that.

Not willing to let it go, however, King postulates a scenario where a Bradford trade could happen in his latest Monday Morning Quarterback:

The trade could look something like this: The Browns send St. Louis a 2016 draft choice or choices that would be based on how durable Bradford is or how well he plays in 2015, or both. For example, the Browns could trade a third-round pick that would become a second-round pick if Bradford had 14 starts or more, and would become a first-round pick if Bradford reached certain performance benchmarks. The Rams are almost certainly taking a quarterback high in this draft anyway and could be looking at the last year of Bradford as a Ram. Given all that, however, Bradford does represent St. Louis’ best chance to win in 2015, so Cleveland would have to pony up a very serious offer for the Rams to even think of it.

But I can tell you that the Rams would listen if the Browns were serious. I just don’t think the Browns would be unless they had some assurance about Bradford being in Cleveland well into the future if he does play well in 2015.

Also, if you invert the hypotenuse of the isosceles triangle 12 degrees, allowing for the shrinkage of the oscillation due to this incredibly cold weather we’re having, you still have squat.

So, what King is saying here is that the Rams would listen if the Browns start throwing high picks around, which is basically what I’ve been blathering about in these Rumor Central things, which doesn’t explain why Peter King is famous and I am sitting here drinking somewhat-enhanced Coke Zero in my sweatpants.

As far as we can tell, the Browns haven’t started throwing high picks around, which means we’re no further down the road than when we started, but I’ll keep watching the newswire, and Lane will keep dishing the inside scoop in ATI and elsewhere.

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