Josh McCown pays Cleveland a visit

Surprising no one, the Browns bring in ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneer QB Josh McCown for a visit

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According to… oh, just let me pick someone randomly, here we go… Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal, the Cleveland Browns have become the latest NFL team to host suddenly-in-demand quarterback/elder statesman Josh McCown for a visit.

McCown hit the free agent market earlier this month after posting a blistering 1–10 record for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a pace which helped the Bucs earn the number one pick in this year’s draft. Naturally, there are a lot of NFL teams that want a part of that action, and McCown has been feted by the Browns, Bills, Bears, Jets, and potentially others who don’t want to be named for the obvious reasons.

McCown is in demand partially because he seems to recognize that, at this point in his career, being in a back-up or mentoring role might not be a bad way to pick up a paycheck. Being a veteran QB coming off a season where he started eleven games and relatively free of delusions is a rare mix, and prized among teams looking for a veteran QB who can teach the craft to youngsters without constantly agitating to TrentDilfer start.

The visit is supposedly a two-day affair, allowing McCown to truly soak in the great Cleveland weather and mountainous snowdrifts, undoubtedly a wonderful change of pace from Florida’s relentless pounding sunny electro-magnetic hell.

Underscoring his candidacy to join the team, McCown has a history with the Browns coaching staff, having served under new Browns OC John DiFilippo in 2007. This does not guarantee that the Browns will pursue McCown aggressively or offer him a contract, in that the team looks set to peruse the entire rack of available quarterbacks this off-season like my daughter at a weekend sale at Forever 21.

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