Just stop with the Sam Bradford stuff already

It's gotten silly, and now it's time to stop. So says Rumor Central.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rumor Central discusses rumors which are prevalent in the mainstream media. It is NOT an endorsement of these rumors or any indication that we believe they have any merit. For a dose of reality, i.e., the real scoop, we suggest that you CLICK HERE. Or CLICK HERE. Or CLICK HERE. Thank you. Now, on with the silliness...

First off, I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank Pat McManamon for saying what we’ve been saying, just a lot better and more comprehensively, about the potential for a Sam Bradford trade.

While the Rams will undoubtedly listen if the Browns start throwing high draft picks around, the situation just doesn’t sniff out like one where the Rams are really, truly interested in dealing their quarterback.

But the trade rumors continue. Despite the Bills rumors from Yahoo! getting shot down within minutes yesterday, the Washington Post feels the need to repeat them, thus ensuring that they will continue for another day.

The rumors and subsequent rumor-smashing have reached such a level of silliness that ESPN’s St. Louis reporter feels the need to weigh in on it as well, seemingly blaming Bradford’s agent Tom Condon as being the only one who would really benefit from all these scurrilous rumors being churned up.

’Tis a shocking inference, I know, but even ESPN’s Rams reporter concludes by saying “don’t be surprised if the rumors persist”.

Not only are they in the best interest of Condon’s representatives to continue to have rumors of interest in Bradford, but in the best interest of reporters looking to make a mark nationally as well. Bradford’s a big name, quarterbacks are a big deal, and it’s well-proven that sports fans don’t hold reporters accountable when they’re wrong about stuff like this.

But in the meantime, let’s just hope that the rumors stop for a week or two, so we can concentrate on more realistic scenarios.

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