Hoyer, Farmer to finally meet

The doughnuts better have extra sprinkles as the long-awaited conversation occurs.

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The Cleveland Browns have been sniffing around any professional quarterback capable of heaving a football more than about fifteen yards in any one direction… with one exception: last year’s starter, Brian Hoyer.

The exception has caught the attention of many fans and media types, who have scratched their heads about it and wondered how the Browns front office could be so unappreciative of the efforts of the St. Ignatius product, who led the team with engaging competence until Alex Mack, the running game, and the play-action pass went on the injured reserve list.

Hopefully that angst will start to fade a bit now that Brian Hoyer’s agent league sources are telling Mike Florio that Hoyer and Browns general manager Ray Farmer will be meeting “regarding Hoyer’s potential future with the team”. One assumes that “potential future” involves “playing quarterback” and not a mid-level management position. Although there’s nothing wrong with either.

Here’s hoping that Farmer goes all-out on the coffee and doughnuts for the meeting, because things could get a little tense, what with the whole texting and other side-business that may or may not have involved a desire by the GM and/or his associates to see Hoyer relegated to the sidelines in favor of Johnny Manziel.

Following the con-fab, all of Cleveland’s media will be pestering anything resembling a Cleveland Browns employee or a member of Hoyer’s circle to find out how that meeting goes. We’ll let you know what we find out, if/when we find out, in our usual ways.

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