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Lane Adkins draws the straight line between the Browns and the Bills DE

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Rumor Central’s purpose is to talk about rumors which abound in the mainstream media - one of the local radio sports talk shows was debating Sam Bradford this morning… Oy. If things are going right, we bring rumors to your attention without you having to surf all over the web, and apply some perspective to them to keep them more-or-less grounded in reality. If things are going wrong, well, you have what usually happens here.

Sometimes, though, we have to move these things along, so that’s what we’re going to do with the Jerry Hughes rumors this morning, drawing a firm line between the Browns and Hughes.

Lane Adkins tells us:

“The Browns are one of at least 6 teams interested in the Buffalo Bills soon to be free agent defensive end. Browns head coach Mike Pettine knows Hughes well and what he could provide a Cleveland defense seeking an edge pass rushing presence. The Bills are working to retain Hughes, who has alluded to going where the money is”.

So, there you go. We’ll say it if no one else is… the Browns are interested in Hughes if he becomes available. And it’s only right that they should be.

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