Keep a sharp eye on Charles Clay

The Miami Dolphins TE would make a great fit in Cleveland, if he manages to make it to free agency.

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The Cleveland Browns need a tight end, with Jordan Cameron seemingly inevitably on his way out and only Gary Barnidge and Jim Dray likely to be on the roster for next year.

Nothing against Mr. Barnidge and Mr. Dray, who both turned in workmanlike seasons in 2014, but the Browns will be looking to bolster their tight end corps.

We already know that the Browns are in the free-agent tight end business because they’re among the seven teams known to be wining and dining one James Casey on his World Food Tour of free meals and locker room tours.

But who else is on the Browns radar? Lane Adkins provides one name among others in his free agent tidbits from yesterday:

“With TE Jordan Cameron’s exit in Cleveland nearly a guarantee, the Browns have thoroughly evaluated the available TE’s in free agency and the draft. Miami Dolphins TE Charles Clay has been graded as a player that has the skill-set to perform at a highly efficient rate in the Cleveland offensive scheme”.

Clay, as the Browns apparently have concluded, makes a lot of sense for the team, but will come at a high price. It will be almost a Buster-Skrinian price, despite Clay being injured during parts of 2014. Clay had a tremendous season for the Dolphins in 2013.

If Clay makes it to free agency, which is anything but assured, the Browns can be expected to have to out-bid the already annoying Buffalo Bills for his services.

However, for a tight end who has managed over 50 catches and 600 yards both of the last two seasons, and Cleveland struggling in the passing game, the high price of $5–6 million (or more) might just be worth it.

We’ll keep an eye on the Dolphins attempt to sign Clay, and then, if he becomes a free agent, will attempt to lodge a banana in the tailpipe of whatever limo the Bills send to pick him up at the airport. Because that’s how we roll.

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