Hey, get a load of Rumor Central

A special section of the OBR dedicated to irresponsible speculation and nonsense.

Go to the front page of the OBR and what do you see?

In-depth player evaluations? Yep. Dozens of articles from the Senior Bowl or Combine? Sure. Inside scoop from Lane Adkins? You betcha. News reports from Berea by Fred Greetham? Darn tootin’. Rumors, innuendo, headline porn, and a lot of weird and irrelevant tangential remarks?

Uh, no. Of course not.

Clearly, we’re out of touch with the way things are supposed to be done on the internet. So, this week, the OBR has moved aggressively to fill our rumor and weirdness gap with the debut of Rumor Central, piloted by the OBR’s founder, Barry McBride.

Tracking rumors from the well-founded to the utterly useless, we will try to separate the good ones from the bad ones, while lending our perspective - or Barry’s, at any rate - to updates from around the league. We will suffer the endless horrors of the Internet so you don’t have to, diving into the web’s most disreputable corners (even Twitter!) to find the most scurrilous free agent and draft rumors involving the Cleveland Browns. Then we will bring them up to the surface for examination and/or mockery.

Sometimes this involves culling nonsense at the source by ignoring certain “news” sites. Sometimes it involves the outright expression of “opinion”, that you, or other OBR writers might not agree with. Sometimes it just gets kind of stupid.

Whatever it turns into, we hope you come along for the ride, as we wall off a special section of the OBR just for a fun ride into rumors and speculation. You can find Rumor Central on a permanent basis by clicking the banner on the left side of the front page or by clicking “RUMOR CENTRAL” under the “NEWS” menu at the top of any page of the site.


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