James Casey eats his way through Denver

Leaves Denver without a deal, moves on to next stop

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Here’s your regularly-scheduled update on TE/FB/H-Back/ST/Swiss Army Knife James Casey, who has already visited Cleveland as part of his attempt to secure his next job and, while he’s at it, wheedle free food out of every NFL club in the United States of America.

The Browns, as we know, could use some depth at the tight end position, with only Gary Barnidge and Jim Dray left to hold down the fort after oft-concussed one-time Pro Bowler Jordan Cameron steers his luxury SUV* down the road in search of greener pastures. Hence, the Browns undoubtedly fed Casey as they attempted to see if he would be an economically viable fix to their tight end problems. He left Cleveland sans deal, determined to visit every team on his list.

When last we left the World Tour of Food, Casey had finished with the Browns, and had a tour stops scheduled with the Broncos, Cardinals, Titans, Redskins, Bengals, and Jaguars. Since then, there have been a couple of developments:


Casey braved a snowstorm to visit Denver, where he left without a deal, but likely downed at least a half-dozen jelly-filled doughnuts at the Broncos conference table as John Elway rattled on about some plan to win next year’s Super Bowl or something.


First, one ESPN columnist dismisses the notion that Casey was a cap casualty, arguing that the Eagles had enough cap room but simply decided he was a bad investment for what he produces. Then one of their local beat writers in Tennessee goes off on how Casey can undoubtedly find a better situation than “competing for a third spot” in TE-blessed Tennessee. It’s enough to give one indigestion.


While Casey’s world tour hasn’t gotten a lot of buzz, he’s a valuable role player, at the very least, and is certainly doing his due diligence about his next career move while sucking down enough free cheese doodles to choke a horse. One has to admit that he’s very patiently going about his decision-making.

But while the world snoozes through Casey’s free agent tour, at least one fan blog is all-in on the ex-Eagles tight end, promoting him as a “Top Free Agent Priority” for their team, feeling that Casey needs a chance at more snaps at TE. So, if you want to read someone really excited about the potential of landing James Casey on his team, and who undoubtedly understands why we’re now at three Rumor Central updates about him, click here.

  • At least I’m assuming it’s a luxury SUV. As someone who walks through the parking lot in Berea on occasion, I’m pretty damn sure it’s a luxury SUV.

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