Hartline goes from 0 to Visit in three days

The Ohio State product must still have something left to go that fast.

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At the young age of 28, Brian Hartline might still have a little gas left in the tank. After all, he went from zero to a free-agent visit with the Cleveland Browns in nothing flat, if ProFootballTalk.com is to be believed.

Per the site’s friendly agent league source, and almost instantly regurgitated across the NFL and Browns web scene by the usual sites that regurgitate such things, Hartline will visit the Browns today. A number of teams have expressed interest in the free agent, so the odds of a deal getting done today are not the highest.

(Lane Adkins reported that the Browns would be interested in Hartline yesterday in his “Notes on Free Agency and the Draft” for subscribers).

Hartline was cut late last week in a bloodletting among the Dolphins wide receiver corps, as that organization looked to open up some salary cap room.

As we wrote about earlier in the week, Hartline is popular in Cleveland not only because he has roots in the town and Ohio State University, but also because he put together terrific campaigns in 2012 and 2013. Those two back-to-back 1,000 yard campaigns leave one wondering if he might still be able to put together a few more decent seasons if used more effectively than he was in Miami last season.

And now that we have finished our participation in today’s information regurgitation parade, perhaps you would find this thread in the Watercooler on Hartline of interest. Jump into the most active Browns forums on the Internet and offer your takes on this possible free agent signing.

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