On Randall Cobb: Don't start.

Don't let NFL.com goad you into thinking Cobb's a target for Browns. At this point it seems an unlikely fit.

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I was going to title this “Crazy Person links Randall Cobb to Browns”, but then I thought about it and decided that I didn’t know Elliot Harrison, and couldn’t make a medical diagnosis like that based on one article.

But, yeah, it seems kind of crazy to link Randall Cobb and the Browns given Ray Farmer’s approach to the wide receiver position.

Harrison’s argument makes a level of sense: Cobb wants money - BIG MONEY - and the Browns both have the money and a very bad need for a #1 wide receiver now that Josh Gordon has beered himself out of their plans for 2015. Harrison notes that Cobb might have an issue with the Browns lack of, you know, winning and stuff, but still thinks a massive WR investment by the orange and brown is a possibility.

This is a classic example of free agent line-drawing, which I doubt Mr. Harrison would argue: “Player A wants money and has these capabilities. Team B has money and needs these capabilities”. Fortunately, we haven’t seen rumorfication of this speculation, fortunately, so we don’t have to contend with folks inferring that it’s a real possibility.

Just in case someone is reading this who wants to make that step from speculation to rumor, well, don’t. Just don’t.

Beyond Farmer’s seeming hesitancy to spend big at the receiver position in general, is the sheer amount of money that Cobb wants: a reported $12 million dollars. Even the Oakland Raiders, known to make occasional big splashes, aren’t looking to pony up that sort of cash, stopping short at $11 million. For a team with many needs like the Cleveland Browns, that seems like a luxury purchase.

While the Packers themselves might try to keep Cobb, giving into his big-money demands doesn’t seem to come out of their playbook, and they certainly didn’t even transition tag Cobb at less than $11 million.

Here are Rumor Central, we’ll keep track of Cobb out of the corner of our eye, but count us among the surprised if the Browns do more than sniff around to see if the receiver’s price is falling in a few weeks.

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