Subtle shift of tone in Buffalo

Folks on the Jerry Hughes watch now leaning toward a test of the free market

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The Jerry Hughes watch continues, and there’s nothing coming out of Buffalo but the eerie quiet of a town buried under so much snow that not even the Chicken Wing places are delivering.

Sort of like Cleveland, but I digress. Again.

As someone who spends too much of his available time listening for any sign of progress coming out of the Bills came on Hughes, I’ve noticed a subtle shift in tone over the last couple of days. It’s definitely shifted in favor of Hughes hitting the open market now.

And for good reason. According to Lane Adkins:

TheOBR has been told DE Jerry Hughes (BUF) has turned down offers from the Bills in excess of 7–8 million per season. The two sides continue to talk. The Browns are interested in Hughes if he indeed makes it to free agency.”

That would explain the quiet, but keep in mind that the two sides continue to talk. We in Cleveland are used to last-minute crushing defeats, so a last-minute Hughes signing by the Bills would be par for the course.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is starting to suggest that Hughes will test the market rather than stay in Buffalo:

Here’s an ESPN beat reporter saying essentially the same thing:

Meanwhile, Hughes, who has already helpfully pointed out his disdain for two-lane roads, also gives us another clue how to lure him to Cleveland.

The Browns used to have an “official cookie” (it was an Oreo). Perhaps it’s time to return to that marketing ploy in exchange for several free crates of these things?

Just trying to help:

I would make some serious lunch time trades until I had these.. Cuz I ate mine before lunch ???????? fat kid 90s baby

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