Browns will have an interest in Knighton

Big Broncos defensive tackle set to hit the market, Browns will have to battle Raiders.

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The other day, this space wrote about reasons that Browns should be (and apparently are) intrigued by DT Dan Williams, most recently seen stuffing the run for the Arizona Cardinals.

One of our friends on Twitter asked what the big deal was about going after the sixth-ranked defensive tackle, and whether the Browns might be more ambitious and, say, work their way up that list a little bit.

And they intend to, oh yes.

Subscribers know that Lane has been writing about Denver DT Terrance Knighton, the defensive tackle ranked third in’s free agency rankings for a while now. The reasons are the same as with Williams: The run-porous Browns know that they need a run stuffer in the 3–4 who can occupy multiple blockers allow those around him to make plays. This is what Knighton does, perhaps about as well as anyone in the league.

It’s not just the denizens of the OBR writing staff who are interested:

As this column noted nearly a week ago, the Browns like the toughness of FA Terrance Knighton and continue to have him rated highly as a player of interest. The Browns believe, as do many other teams that Knighton will align himself with his former DC in Oakland early in the free agency signing period. Despite the belief, the Browns will gauge interest.

The bidding for the top defensive tackles will be rough. Miami is already angling for Ndamukong Suh, and, as Lane notes, the Raiders and Jack Del Rio will Chase Knighton when he’s available. Keep in mind that ex-Broncos head coach John Fox is now running the Bears and they have similar needs.

And make no mistake, Knighton will be available, as he’s texting reporters saying he’s out of Denver.

The big concern with Knighton is whether he’s on the downside of his career at 29, but so far there’s been no noticeable drop-off in play. For teams bound to be spurned by Ndamukong Suh, Terrance Knighton could make those feelings of heartbreak go away quickly.

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