It's a good day to be Buster Skrine

The Browns corner looks to make bank, while the Browns themselves remain quiet

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While Rumor Central continues to pump out daily updates about defensive linemen, we’ve been relatively quiet on the subject of cornerback Buster Skrine, other than the write about how much money he wants. Spoiler: It’s a lot.

This is due to the simple fact that we’ve heard very little about the Browns efforts to sign their own cornerback. While occasionally mentioned in the media as the “Browns top priority”, the team seems content to let Skrine test the market and set whatever he new price happens to be. And, certainly, Skrine has made no secret of his desire to hit the market and cash in.

And, indeed, now is a great time to be Buster Skrine. He may not be a great cornerback, but he’s coming off a good year, and Scout’s eighth-top-rated CB is looking to be in the catbird seat.

Shrine’s financial plans may just come to fruition as Nate Ulrich reports that at least eight teams have inquired about Skrine’s services as the free agency “tampering” period began on Saturday. This might be as much a sign of the weakness in the free agent cornerback market as anything else, but it bodes well for Skrine.

Helping Skrine are deals given to Texans CB Kareem Jackson (a reported $20 million guaranteed as part of $34 million over four years) and a near-deal between the Chargers and Brandon Flowers. Jackson not only sets the market at $8 million plus a year, but the removal of he and Flowers will tilt the supply-demand math even more in Skrine’s favor.

At the same time, Jackson is clearly a superior corner, so Skrine should expect to come in under what the Texans paid him. What remains to be seen is how many teams believe that Skrine’s solid 2014 is a predictor of future success and what value they put on a player who can switch back and forth between a #2 cornerback and a nickel CB. Right now, he looks to be on track to the payday that he and his circle have been anticipating.

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