Browns among missing as Clayborn hits market

Browns starting out slow on the pass rusher front, per reports

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It’s been more than a week since we mentioned Adrian Clayborn’s name here at Rumor Central, and things have been relatively quiet since then.

Not any more. Yesterday, a flurry of names were associated with the Buccaneers lineman. Prominent among them, were the Minnesota Vikings, according to our sister site Vikings Update:

“(Clayborn) was on the Vikings’ radar in 2011 as a potential early-round draft pick out of Iowa, but he ended up going to Tampa Bay, where he started 16 games as a rookie… The competition for his services will be steep. He is also getting interest from the Cowboys, Titans, Steelers, New York Giants, Seattle and Falcons. ”

Missing in that list? The Cleveland Browns, who had some level of interest in Clayborn per ESPN. Also missing so far are the New England Patriots, who have a connection to Clayborn through Greg Schiano.

Clayborn is intriguing, but not without risk. The defensive lineman has pulled down 13 sacks in his two full seasons played without injury, but the other two seasons were marred by ailment, including a biceps injury in 2014 that knocked him out almost the entire season.

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