The latest Browns free agency rumors

Between Lane Adkins, Rumor Central, and the Watercooler, OBR visitors are looped in like no other...

We’re busy following NFL free agency rumors, so we’ll get right to the point:

There are two places for the latest free agency rumors here at the OBR. We suggest you check them out post-haste.

RUMOR CENTRAL: OBR founder Barry McBride tries to keep up with the latest rumors from around the web in one central spot, cranking out updates like there’s no tomorrow. Get the latest on Jeremy Maclin, Buster Skrine, Jerry Hughes, and many more. BANG IT HERE TO GO TO RUMOR CENTRAL.

THE WATERCOOLER: Cooper7 and Peace2uuu lead the charge in keeping the Cooler up-to-date with the very latest from around the web. You won’t find a more current place to go for the latest Browns news and rumors. GET TO DAH COOLAH.

Of course, if you want the latest scoop from OBR Insider Lane Adkins, we suggest you you CLICK HERE or check out Lane on Twitter.

That’s it for today’s Guide to the OBR. Back to the rumors…

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