Would the Browns be players for Ngata?

Hey, timing is about a decade off, but Haloti Ngata might be a Brown yet.

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Thank you. Now, on with the silliness...

Back, a long time ago, approximately April 2006, there was a webmaster in a chat room. Something amazing was happening - the player he wanted was still available to the Cleveland Browns at the spot they were drafting.

He went berserk in the old-style Java chatroom. Typing “NGATA! NGATA! NGATA!” over and over again.

Well, we all know what happened then. In a story that will be passed down to our grandchildren as a case study in what it’s like to be a Browns fan, Phil Savage promptly dealt away our opportunity to land Ngata to the rival Ravens (for a sixth-round pick) and selected Kamerion Wimbley.

But that sixth round pick was turned into Babatunde Oshinowo, so the joke was on Ozzie Newsome! Heh. Heh heh. Heh. Cough.

Anyhow, Ngata went onto be one of the best nose tackles in the NFL and Wimbley went on to 8.5 sacks his last three years as a Browns and to be a qualifier in the American Ninja Warrior contest.

Well, now that Ngata is at the tail end of his career, the Ravens may not be able to sign him to a cap-friendly deal, and he may be able to test the open market. Jason La Canfora says Jimmy Haslam is a poopyhead that the Browns would be very interested if he becomes available.

The Browns have to deal with their rushing defense woes somehow, and, as their interest in Dan Williams and others should indicate, they’re not above looking at free agent nose tackles.

At this point, though, Rumor Central is getting a bit tired of all the talk around chasing a nose tackle, and would like to see some actual activity. Chop-chop, fellas.

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