Raiders getting set to sign Gresham?

According to Adam Caplan, Oakland trying to get a deal done by Tuesday

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Thank you. Now, on with the silliness...

In the goofy sci-fi thriller “Signs”, the Earth as beset by hydration-challenged aliens arriving in invisible spaceships. But we humans, clever as we are, were able to figure out that the spaceships were there because birds would fall out of the sky whenever they ran into one.

I could imagine what that would be like. You’re standing out in the middle of a quiet field and then - THWOP! - some bird would fall out of the sky ten feet away.

And so it is with Browns fans this morning, as free agent prospects plummet from the stratosphere and land with a sickening thud in our news feeds and forums. THWOP! There goes Jerry Hughes. THWOP! Jeremy Maclin off the boards. THWOP THWOP! Oops, there goes Pernell McPhee and Ted Ginn.

And there’s more where that came from.

The Oakland Raiders, unsure what to do with all their money now that Ndamukong Suh and Randall Cobb are no longer available, are turning to TE Jermaine Gresham, cash in hand, and trying to lock him down to an offer by Tuesday.

Gresham is, according to his 2014 statistics, a middle-of-the-road tight end, competent as a blocker, with fairly sure hands, but prone to some mistakes, such as his three fumbles in 2014.

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