Knighton story not over yet

Big nose tackle removes the Raiders and Broncos from the mix

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Rumor Central has written about Terrance Knighton a couple of times, the first to let you know that the Cleveland Browns had him rated pretty highly on their board of available nose tackles, the second to let you know that the early discussion of Knighton in free agency did not include the Browns.

We said from the start that Knighton could very well wind up in Oakland due to his relationship with Jack Del Rio, but in an interview with ESPN, it became clear that this won’t be the case:

*Just spoke with free agent DT Terrance Knighton: “The #Raiders made me an offer but it’s not close to what I was looking for. So as of right now the #Raiders and #Broncos are out of the race. A lot of people had me going to the Raiders because of Jack Del Rio, but I’m now focusing on a few other teams right now*.”

While the Browns haven’t been mentioned in the mainstream press as part of the group pursuing Knighton, don’t be overly shocked if the team’s name pops up at some point. The question is whether what the Browns are looking to spend is anywhere close to what Knighton is looking to get.

No breaking news on this one, just some advice to stay tuned, and that we sense it’s not over yet.

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