Reporter vs. Owner... Internet fight!

The CBS reporter is firmly off Jimmy and Dee's holiday card list.

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Thank you. Now, on with the silliness...

Call the Browns dysfunctional? That's a paddlin'. Saying that the owner wants out? Paddlin'.

It’s on.

Jason La Canfora has earned the wrath of an NFL owner.

I have personally felt similar wrath, once receiving a call from a very ticked-off Randy Lerner. And there was that time that Carmen Policy referred to myself and as a “singular source of complaint”. Good times, good times.

For being a such a nice, harmless guy, I apparently rub NFL bigwigs the wrong way. But not like Jason LaCanfora did when he dropped a bomb about Haslam potentially wanting to trade in the used Browns for a new Titans team. Whoa.

Nate Ulrich in his long podcast earlier today, dropped the phrase “pissed off” and “red in the face” to describe Haslam, who responded positively to questions from reporters about whether or not La Canfora’s article made him see red.

Haslam went on to attack La Canfora’s comprehension of the impact of his reports:

“Something like that, I don’t think he understands the implications it has for the franchises, people that work here, your fans, your partners,” Haslam told Tony Grossi. “I don’t think he understands that.”

The Cleveland Browns even took the step of using their web site to reiterate the points made by in a newspaper story the previous day. (WARNING: There’s an auto-play video at the link, and Andy Baskin will yell at you).

So, what does all this mean? Browns fans can either interpret Haslam’s anger as being the natural response of someone accused of something he didn’t do. Or they can be of the “thou doth protest too much” school. On the OBR forums, there are fans in both camps.

It’s a staredown between two people, Haslam and La Canfora, who don’t currently have the best reception in Cleveland. It’s sort of like an election where you don’t really feel confident voting for either side.

But our opinions don’t really matter. The only question that matters is whether La Canfora is actually going to come to Cleveland and stand on the sidelines during training camp.

Talk about awkward.

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