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Quick-hit rumors about the Browns and associated NFL topics, with reactions from OBR founder Barry McBride.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rumor Central discusses rumors which are prevalent in the mainstream media. It is NOT an endorsement of these rumors or any indication that we believe they have any merit. For a dose of reality, i.e., the real scoop, we suggest that you CLICK HERE. Or CLICK HERE. Or CLICK HERE.

Thank you. Now, on with the silliness...

Passing through this physical world, I collect a lot of stuff in my wake. I collect baseball caps. I collect pounds. I collect debts. I collect dust.

One thing I really seem to be good at is collecting rumors. I’ve got pages and pages of bookmarks and links in Feedly and Pocket. I spot rumors all over the place and stash them away like a chipmunk ramming extra carrots into its cheeks.

So, here I am with a bunch of rumors, but not a lot of time to write them all up. To save everyone time, I’ll fire out a bunch of them gatling gun-style. Ready? Go.

ITEM: Browns don’t have a pre-draft visit set-up with Marcus Mariota.

MEANING: None. The Browns already know just about everything they need to about Mariota because of Kevin O’Connell’s relationship. A visit may happen eventually, but isn’t required. I remember when the Browns didn’t have a pre-draft visit with Jeff Faine, but drafted him anyway. Butch Davis at his inept, yet Machiavellian, best.

ITEM: Insane-sounding Twitter account posts a bunch of tweets about Phillip Rivers visiting Akron.

MEANING: I’m not going to link the Twitter account, because we don’t want to encourage this sort of thing. But there’s no indication that this is true. The Chargers seem unlikely to trade Rivers.

ITEM: Positive-testing DE Randy Gregory will visit the Ravens* as well as the Steelers as those teams anticipate him now falling into the latter part of the first round.

MEANING: Cleveland drafts Josh Gordon and endures months and years of pot-related suspensions from the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers will draft Randy Gregory and will endure months and years of suspension-free Pro Bowl-caliber play. That’s just how these things work.

ITEM: CBS Sports Pete Prisco ranks Mike Pettine near the bottom in a ranking of NFL head coaches*.

MEANING: None. Please see my rant on local sites, blogs, and radio shows trumpeting ESPN’s moderately-educated opinions as if they’re news.

ITEM: Minor-league baseball team introduces a hotdog with raspberry jelly and bacon stuffed into a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Brewers introduce deep-fried nachos on a stick.

MEANING: These items will not be available at the improved restaurants at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Not because we’re above that sort of thing, but because fans could use them to commit suicide-via-cardiac-arrest during losing streaks.

ITEM: The Browns decide that they don’t want to be on Hard Knocks*, presumably in part to protect rehabbing Johnny Manziel.

MEANING: This wasn’t a decision so much as the positive result of an IQ test, but the NFL can still ram it down their throats. Hopefully they pick J.J. Watt and the Texans instead.

ITEM: ESPN NFL reporter #2033-B reports that teams are still interested in trading for the younger, statistically superior backup to Josh McCown in Tampa Bay.

MEANING: I highly doubt that the Browns are looking to recreate the McCown/Glennon dynamic that was just so darn effective in Tampa Bay. But, then again, I would have figured the Browns to be more interested in Glennon than McCown to begin with.

ITEM: Donte Whitner gets all excited about the Browns new uniforms, teases that there are nine different uniform color combinations.

MEANING: Let’s see three colors: white, brown, and (brighter) orange. That makes three-squared combinations. Makes sense. We don’t report a lot on uniforms here in Rumor Central, even though those rumors do awesome page views, because they don’t impact how the team plays on the field. But if they like them, sure, that’s great.

ITEM: The Browns are having a private workout with OT T.J. Clemmings, OL Collin Rahrig will meet with Browns, and a meeting is planned with OT Ereck Flowers. Oh, and they worked out OT La’El Collins.

MEANING: You don’t spend all this time with first-round graded offensive linemen, unless you’re seriously thinking about taking one.

ITEM: Darrelle Revis confirms to SiriusXM’s Adam Schein that the Browns pursued him during free agency.

MEANING: Old news. OBR subscribers knew this was true, as well as the fact that the discussions were brief.

ITEM: The Browns reportedly gave Dwayne Bowe $9 million in guaranteed money.

MEANING: The Browns have a lot more confidence in Bowe than I do.

ITEM: Chip Kelly said he wanted to keep Nick Foles in the Sam Bradford trade.

MEANING: Chip Kelly would say his mother ate adorable little puppies if it meant he would score a single point in a football game.

* Warning: Annoying loud auto-playing video at site.

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