Greetham: Browns dodge a bullet

OBR Senior Report Fred Greetham on the Browns texting punishment

The Browns dodged a major bullet by only being fined and having GM Ray Farmer get suspended for the first month of the season.

For a team that is committed to building through the draft, to lose a third or fourth-round draft choice would’ve been much steeper than what occurred.

Granted, it’s not my $250,000, but that is a small pittance in comparison to the amount of money that changes hands in the NFL.

Last year, the Browns second-round pick immediately started and was a major contributor as was third-round pick Terrance West. Fourth-round pick Pierre Desir is expected to play a significant role in 2015.

For the Browns, the top three or four picks this year should be immediate contributors with the holes this team has to fill.

Farmer exercised poor discretion in violating the NFL’s rules of texting coaches during games, but there was no reason the team and its fans should’ve been penalized on the field for his mistake. If the Browns are truly going to build through the draft then they need all of the draft picks they can get.

Right now, the Browns have 10 picks, including two in the first round. They should be able to add players to help right away and add much needed depth at the bottom of their roster.

Farmer’s suspension doesn’t begin until after the final roster cuts have been made. Sure, Farmer and his personnel staff peruse the waiver wire after other team’s make their final roster cuts, but with the advance notice of nearly five months, Farmer should be able to set up a seamless transition.

Bill Kuharich, who assists Farmer in personnel moves, has been an NFL GM and will be more than capable of handling whatever moves need to be made during Farmer’s month long hiatus.

Things haven’t gone the Browns way in a long, long time, but maybe, just maybe, things are starting to go the Browns way.

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