Manziel released from rehab

As Johnny Football's two-month-plus stint ends, is he a new man? What will the Browns do next?

Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports reported this morning that Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been released from a rehab center where he has been under treatment since earlier this year.

The Browns welcome Manziel back as a big question mark in this year’s quarterback derby. While Manziel was in rehab, the Browns signed journeyman Josh McCown to a two-year deal and seem settled on the veteran being the de facto starter unless he is unseated during training camp.

Enter Manziel, who has been quiet over the last two-and-a-half months, and the Browns, who have been publicly supportive the entire time.

The Browns, from owner Jimmy Haslam on down, have been saying that it’s too early for the team to give up on Manziel, who was drafted at the 22nd spot in the first round last year, so it’s assumed he will be in the competition to start as training camp opens and on the field as early as this month.

The NFL’s chattering class has continued to chatter about Manziel in his absence, with Chris Mortensen recently boosting the ratings on ESPN’s Mike and Mike a bit by claiming the Browns are “90% done with Manziel”, a figure that Mortensen undoubtedly quantified through long study of percentage-done-with metrics provided ESPN’s crack staff.

Other click-baiters have said things as bizarre as that Manziel should demand a trade, or that he is part of trade discussions involving a trade-up for Marcus Mariota or a deal for Drew Brees.

For their part, the Browns are indicating nothing, even selecting a quarterback coach who has worked extensively with both Manziel and Mariota while publicly saying that it’s too early to give up Manziel.

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