Fast Lane: The Draft Approacheth

Here's the latest buzz from inside Berea as the Cleveland Browns prepare to pick twice in the first round.

Here are some recent notes from the infamous Fast Lane forum:

  • A common sentiment around the league is QB Marcus Mariota (ORE) will not be selected in the top two of the draft, unless a team is overly enamored with the player and gain a ‘good’ deal in moving up. The Cleveland Browns, like numerous teams, have internally investigated the opportunity and are highly unlikely to make a significant move on Mariota.

  • The Browns like Mariota and believe in time he will be a good NFL QB, but there has been subtle difference of opinion in Cleveland whether Mariota is a franchise type player. If the opportunity presents itself and does not cost the Browns multiple first-round selections and more in the 2015 draft, the team will consider the option.

  • When it comes to the defensive line, the Browns would like to secure an anchor in the middle of the line and there are a few options which intrigue the team. While NT Danny Shelton’s (WASH) name immediately pops to the forefront, the Browns also like a few others and not necessarily as a true NT type. The Browns believe Leonard Williams (USC) and Malcolm Brown (TEX) have the ability to be a high quality lineman, along with Eddie Goldman (FSU), Jordan Phillips (OKLA) and Carl Davis (IA). Contrary to the popular belief of draft pundits, the Browns have not locked in on Shelton at this time.

  • While much draft talk continues to center on pass rushers such as Dante Fowler, Vic Beasley, Randy Gregory and Shane Ray, the pass rusher we continue to hear when it comes to the Browns is Bud Dupree (KEN), as we noted early in 2015. The Browns see Dupree as a physical talent that was utilized at Louisville in multiple ways. His pass rushing ability wasn’t center-stage there.

  • Wide receivers, wide receivers, wide receivers… where are they going to land in the draft? The Browns have top pass catchers rated closely and will seriously consider a receiver at #12 or #19. While the Browns are keeping their cards in their pocket (which means WR is a spot they are seriously considering), we have been told in no specific order the Browns have the following WRs as first round talents: Kevin White (WVA), Amari Cooper (ALA), DeVante Parker (LOU), Breshad Perriman (UCF), Dorial Green-Beckham (OKLA) and Nelson Agholor (USC). Additionally, in snippets of discussion, Parker, Perriman and Green-Beckham have been noted BY FAR more than any other WR.

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