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Welcome four new writers as the OBR looks forward to the next twenty years.

Twenty years is a long, long time to run a Cleveland Browns website. Believe it or not, we’re coming up on the twenty-year anniversary of a website called “Greedwatch”.

It would be an understatement to say that site, created to protest the theft of the Cleveland Browns, changed my life. It ultimately created for me something that would eventually become my full-time passion. And that site, through a long and winding path, became the Orange and Brown Report.

LA joined me back in 1998 as Greedwatch turned into “” and has been along for the ride ever since: 17 years. Fred Greetham joined the team back in 2002, and Don Delco in 2009. Together we’ve been involved in this OBR thing for over 50 years between us.

Browns fans from around the world have found the site and its forums and made the OBR their online home, for which we’re incredibly glad. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without the friends we’ve met via this site. Hopefully it’s been a fun ride for Browns fans as well. Without you visiting our forums and supporting us with subscriptions, this site would have perished long ago.

But, enough of the past. One thing we’ve learned is that a lot of things can change in twenty years and, if you can’t change with them, history leaves you behind.

We have no desire to be left behind. We want another twenty years where Browns fans hang out with us and we talk football day and night. Maybe, by that time, we’ll have some great on-field memories to talk about. Perhaps even a Super Bowl…? Well, a man can dream.

It’s with that in mind that we’re making changes to the Orange and Brown Report, effective today, by bringing on four new writers who will help give the site fresh perspectives and new energy.

We would like to introduce to you four new members of the OBR team, who will be helping us remake this site so that it remains a great place for Browns fans to visit every day.

Meet Jared, Mike, Andrea, and Ryan.

Jared Mueller

I was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. Older brother taught me to read using baseball cards. Still can picture Joe Carter’s. Great up-bringing in a passionate sports family, always dedicated to our Cleveland teams and the Buckeyes. Got my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wright State University and my Master’s in Clinical Social Work from THE Ohio State University. Writing experience as Editor at, Dawg Pound Daily and King James Gospel. Won Editor of the Year in 2014.

Mike Krupka

I was born and raised in Cleveland (Avon) and attended St. Ignatius High School. I accepted a soccer scholarship to George Mason University but after a coaching change at the end of my freshman year, I transferred to St. Bonaventure University to finish up my eligibility and my degree. After graduating with my BSB, I moved to Hawaii to follow my dream of learning how to surf. I’ve now lived in Honolulu for 10 years where I completed my MBA and work as a project manager in the cyber defense / internet security industry. I enjoy surfing, playing competitive doubles beach volleyball, golfing, music, photography and hiking. I enjoy covering all things Browns and NFL Draft and also write for DawgsByNature.

Andrea Hangst

Writing and football are my two biggest passions, and being given the chance to put the two together has been like living the dream. Hailing out of Chicago, Illinois, I come to the Orange & Brown Report with four years’ experience covering the entire NFL as well as the AFC North for Bleacher Report. I also cover league-wide breaking news for Sportsnaut, contribute fantasy football columns for Pro Football Focus and host the F*BALL NFL Podcast. My likes include deep statistical dives, breaking down NFL contract values, turning numbers into easy to understand narratives, the safety position, teams that make smart personnel decisions and day one of free agency. My dislikes? The prevent defense, seven-win teams reaching the playoffs, the last 10 years of the Browns’ run defense and mayonnaise.

Ryan Jones

I was born and raised in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, and spent the vast majority of my formative years immersing myself in the masochistic endeavor that we all know as Cleveland sports. One of my earliest, and most vivid memories was attending my very first Browns game at the ripe old age of eight. Sadly, that game just so happened to be the last one that would ever be played at old Municipal Stadium. The Browns were stolen away from Cleveland soon there after, and I ended up spending the next few years following the Indians and Cavs as if they were my religion and the NFL as if it didn’t exist. The Browns did eventually come back to Cleveland (allegedly) and my lifelong obsession was cemented on a December afternoon in 2002. The second Browns home game I ever attended just so happened to be the famous “Run, William, Run” contest against the Falcons. The unbelievable sight of William Green breaking away down the sideline was only surpassed by the sight of 70,000 strangers turned best friends jumping and hugging in unison. I was hooked for life at that moment and have only regretted that devotion about ten or eleven times a year ever since. Upon graduating from high school I left the friendly confines of Cuyahoga county for the sights and sounds of Columbus, and then I came back several years later. In between I graduated from The Ohio State University. Now, as I enter the twilight of my life, I have the fortune of writing my opinions on the non stop thrill ride that we all know as the Cleveland Browns.

Please welcome Andrea, Ryan, Jared, and Mike to the OBR. Meanwhile, LA, Barry, Fred, and Don will continue doing what we’ve always done, hopefully better.

Go Browns!!

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