2015 Cleveland Browns Schedule Released

The National Football League released the complete 2015 Regular Season Schedule tonight. Come see the Cleveland Browns' schedule as we prepare for the season that will be in 2015.

The National Football League (NFL) released the entire 2015 Regular Season Schedule tonight at 8PM on their site (NFL.com). While we have known each team's opponents for sometime, the schedule allows us to prepare how the season might flow.

For the Cleveland Browns, coming off a surprising 7-9 season, the opponents on their schedule creates some concerns. The Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers have been perennial Playoff teams for years. The Browns get to face their in division foes twice.

On top of that, this year the Browns take on recent powerhouses as well: Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers. The Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs have competed for Playoff spots the last few season, joining the rest of the competitive bunch on the Browns schedule.

Only the Oakland Raiders, New York Jets Tennessee Titans and St. Louis Rams have a recent history of losing. Those three games seem like the easiest on the Browns schedule.

However, we know in the NFL that things change rapidly. While the 49ers have been a high level team for a few years, they have dismantled much of the team that Jim Harbaugh had coached for the past 4 seasons. Last year the New Orleans Saints surprisingly fell off their perch, and the Browns took advantage.

We will have a breakdown of some of the interesting pieces of the Browns schedule later. We are intrigued to see where those "easier" games are placed, how many back to back road games are played and how the season's finishing 4 games look.

The Browns hope to capitalize on last year's improved record, their free agent acquisitions and their bevy of draft picks (opportunities). This is the schedule they will have to go through to achieve their goal of a Playoff berth:

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