Insiders Q&A: Morning of the Draft

On the morning of the NFL Draft, and the night before, our Insiders answer a bunch of your questions. We put them together for you here in this post.

NFL Draft Day is upon us and, as expected, Cleveland Browns fans are excited. Our Insiders, Lane Adkins and Fred Greetham, answered a ton of questions last night in our Ask the Insiders forum. To give you ease of access, we chose some of those Q&A's to share with you here:

Q: Eric Kendricks - What do you think about him? I think he has a chance to be a game changer and would entertain him at 19 for sure.

A: Very proficient, very curious to see where things go with him, the guy can ball

Q: so do the browns believe that tenn. will not take mariota at 2? you said in fastlane most nfl teams feel this way. I have always thought they were bluffing here.

A: Right now the Browns believe this to be the case

Q: I don't get the vibe that the Browns could possibly be serious for this. It's frustrating because I prefer Mariota over Bradford (who is injury prone and very vanilla), but I get that vibe that what is going to happen is that he's going to get dangled over, then be an Eagle. Are we likely taking a NT early on I assume?

A: NT is such a need and fit, it's almost the likeliest of moves -- but you never know due to what these teams will do ahead of them.

The world awaits Chip Kelly making a move

Q: Process question - how are draft day trades verified with the NFL? All parties via phone? Electronically somehow? Via the reps in person at the draft?

A: Phoned in, card filled out, passed along to the league, quick verification, done

Q:If the Browns are making this offer for #2 before the certainty of Tampa taking Winston, could they actually be targeting Williams or Fowler with this potential move?

A: There hasn't been an offer, sure they have had some dialogue, but reporters jumping the gun.

Let's hit rewind and think about this perspective -- what changes if say TEAM CLE believes someone like Bryce Petty is the best/purest passer in the draft, but believe a Mariota is going to be a good NFL QB?

Q: If Farmer, Pettine and the scouting department believe Mariota can be the Franchise QB. You make the move. You offer what ever it takes to get him. If there is a shred of doubt, you don't. You have reported there is different feelings on Mariota. If that is the truth, I don't see a deal getting done.

A: I don't believe in the offer whatever it takes philosophy, there is a point when being responsible and completely out of touch of reality exists.

I don't see Mariota as a Luck, Manning.....I see a young player of talent that has the ability to be a good-to-very good QB, but not that elite guy.

Q:We have offered # 12 and #19 to the Titans for the #2 pick. Any truth to it?

A:I can say, as I did on Twitter the moment that report came out that the Browns had not offered Tennessee those selections. While there has been dialogue between them, it has not gotten to such a stage

Q:The Browns are rumored to be very interested in Danny Shelton. However; if Shelton isn't there at 12 or their board has them go in a different direction, will their desire for a DT/NT be greatly reduced? Or do they see Malcolm Brown, Eddie Goldman or Jordan Phillips as acceptable high picks?

A:If they want a DT and not a NT, then Brown is viable early. My evaluation is Danny Shelton is easily the best NT in this draft.

Q:Do you think the Browns have interest in trading for Justin Houston?

A:KC isn't hotly pursuing such a move, they really want to retain him

Q:Brett Hundley - If MM can't be had do you think the Browns will try and grab him? I am assuming he will be drafted late first/early second so he could be there at 43.

A:I am not too sure, not getting the feel that they are really in on him.

Q:Have you heard anything more on Grayson and the Browns?

    Could you see the Browns still drafting Grayson even if they go all in on Mariota? Kinda similar to what Washington did when they drafted RG3 and then took Cousins later.

A:Quieted down

No I do not and don't believe with the youth at the position already they want to fully engage in such

Q:Mark Dominik just said on Mike and Mike that Shane Ray's marijuana arrest drops him to the third round. Your thoughts?

A:I believe he still goes in the 1st

Q:My question lies around a potential RB early in this draft (1-3 rounds). I personally feel we are in an 'above average' ranking here with our current group; young, strong, can run downhill etc. but yes young and development needed with the current group.

So is this just that, buzz, chatter smoke..? Or does the brass amongst the Browns really feel we need a stud (Gurley/Gordon) vs. filling an immediate area of need?

A:Due to the evaluation process leading to Gurley and Gordon being exceptional talents. The Browns want to run the ball and they do have questions about their RBs, with TWest being one which the organization has concerns about his mindset, etc.

I have been told on three occasions that they love Gurley, believe he is going to be big and Gordon is an all-around RB that is going to make plenty of noise in this league.

Q:My question is where would you place the two RBs (Gurley & Gordon) on your draft board, and which one is a better reciever? Could you also tell us in order what position you think the brass thinks is more important WR, DT, RB, OL, DE, or OLB?

A:Gordon is the better receiver, they believe Gurley will be very special.

I can't go into some specifics, but was told this quote, "we must stop the run, we have to rush the passer, we will run the ball and have the ability to go over the top."

Q:Any chance Aglohor or Perriman make it out of the first round? Who could you see there for us? Not a huge fan of Strong.

A:I believe both are going in the 1st and I am not as high on Strong.

I am very curious to see where WR Devin Smith lands, teams such as the Browns looking for an over the top WR have shown interest.

I would also keep an eye on Dorsett and Lockett, two explosive though smaller WRs.

Q:Mariota demeanor does strike me as having killer instinct ala Dalton.

A:I see Mariota as being bigger physically, better arm strength and drive, more athletic.

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