Gil Brandt is a fan of the Browns draft

Ex-Cowboys personnel genius' Top 100 plays well with Browns selections

I haven’t necessarily been looking to Gil Brandt for great drafting advice these past few years. I’m honestly not sure how accurately he’s forecasted players in general, but he lost me when he served as chief advocate of the notion that Colt McCoy was a Joe Montana-in-sheep’s-clothing.

Brandt just seems to fall in love with quarterbacks from the state of Texas. Must be a Lone Star pride sort of thing.

For those of us who might have lost faith in Brandt, now comes the Great Redemption: He’s actually said something good about Cleveland’s draft.

Well, he didn’t say it, exactly, but has scraped together a draft rankings based around which teams took the most players in Brandt’s top 100 in the draft.

The Vikings, with six players selected, rank as having the “best” draft, but the Browns are the second-best in the entire NFL with five players selected. The five: Danny Shelton (13), Cameron Erving (26), Duke Johnson (61), Nate Orchard (65) and Xavier Cooper (92).

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