Video: Johnny Manziel and the Art of Change

With all the hub bub about Johnny Manziel yesterday, I filmed a video looking at the mental health aspects of Change, how it happens and what is most difficult for people. I attempt to address the on going question: Will Manziel be better off starting or sitting to develop?

Yesterday the Johnny Manziel situation took a unique turn as his name was all over the place for getting hassled by a young "fan" and throwing a water bottle at him. Ensuing, and long standing, conversations about Manziel occurred.

One of which was a discussion about what is best for Manziel: Sit or Play. The argument hits on something very near to my heart, and professional experience, in the word "Change."

Yesterday I filmed this video talking about the clinical, mental health aspects of change and what they mean for the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel.

It is broken into specific segments so you can watch till you see a black screen with words, then take a break to come back to it.

Hope you enjoy:

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