John Moffitt Un-Retires; Should Browns Claim?

The Cleveland Browns once traded for John Moffitt. He has now un-retired, should the team put a claim in on him? What does his past performance and drug related issues do to impact his waiver process?

John Moffitt has un-retired from the NFL. The former Seattle Seahawks guard was once traded to the Cleveland Browns, only to fail a physical and be returned to Seattle. He was then dealt to the Denver Broncos.

Moffitt played in two games for the Broncos before calling them to say he was retiring. That was in November of 2013. Yesterday, via Jay Glazer, Moffitt has decided to return to the NFL:

I have never been so proud of a guy I've trained than I am of John Moffitt. Retired two years ago bc he knew he had drug issues, took time to go to rehab, clean up his life, beat his demons and he has taken his life back! Guy inspires us every day. He came to me 3 months ago @unbreakable to train to take his career back. He's become the favorite of every player in our gym. He officially un-retired today. Free agent starting guard. So proud of him to get here

Moffitt had gotten into trouble for an alleged battery and drug possession and, according to Glazer's tweet, had struggled with drug issues. Glazer believes Moffitt has conquered those issues and is ready to resume his career in the NFL.

As a mental health professional, I hope Moffitt has a support system in place as he prepares to enter the grueling life that is professional sports. The physical and mental demands are far different than what he has been enduring. For many, returning to stressful environments can be difficult after going through rehab and getting clean. Johnny Manziel faces a similar struggle.

Because Moffitt has less than 4 years accrued, he was waived by the Broncos and not released. Moffitt therefore must go through the waiver claims process as tight end Tim Wright did last week.

The Browns are likely to put a claim in on Moffitt. He was a quality guard, even with his struggles with substances, drafted in the 3rd round in 2011. He has only played in 19 games but the 6'4", 319 pound Moffitt fits the profile of the Browns offensive line.

In 2012, his last full season in the league, Moffitt was graded poorly by Pro Football Focus. He graded out at a -4.9 overall with a positive 0.1 in pas protection and a -5.7 in run blocking. However his talent coming out of Wisconsin was undeniable and it is possible his substance use impacted his play.

The Browns have long went after Seahawk offensive linemen so claiming Moffitt would fit that history as well. There is very little downside to claiming the 28 year old pro. He can compete as a backup with the Browns solid offensive line. If he struggles or has any setbacks, the Browns cut him with little loss. If he excels, the Browns have another option for this year and the future. Never a bad thing on the offensive line.

The Browns have the 12th spot in Waiver claims. As was true with Wright, it is unlikely he makes it through all the way to the Browns. However, based on his play and drug history, there is a chance the Browns get a shot at him. They likely will make a claim, even if he likely ends up elsewhere. 12 teams put in a claim on Wright, will be interesting how many claim Moffitt.

Thoughts on John Moffitt being claimed by the Browns?

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