Will Browns Allow Consistency, Foundation

Losing and turnover have been consistencies for years for the Browns. The Browns are in position to change the turnover piece, possibly leading to changing the losing as well. Will they chose to do so?

There has been three constants for the Cleveland Browns since their return to the NFL: 1) Losing, 2) No Quarterback and 3) Constant Turnover. Everyone has their opinion of which causes which, Cleveland's version of the chicken or the egg plus one.

It makes sense in different orders:

Without a good QB, teams lose in the NFL. When teams lose in the NFL, changes are made.

When teams are losing, they often replace QBs to find a winning answer but leads to more turnover.

Teams constantly making changes, especially in coaching and front office, never tend to build on a foundation including any young QBs that were being developed.

The Browns have done a little of each of those.

We can hope Johnny Manziel can still be the QB of the Future or that the Browns can draft Cardale Jones, Christan Hackenberg or Connor Cook to be that player. Either of those could be the answer to the long standing QB issue for the Browns but that is a big unknown.

The Browns have built a defensive oriented team that is complimented by a great offensive line and young, prospective stable of running backs. That could lead the Browns to more victories but nothing is sure.

It is the Constant Turnover related to the team that fans can have hope for.

First, Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine enter this season as their 2nd in charge of the team. Farmer took over late in the off-season in his 1st year and will be suspended for the first 4 games due to "Text-gate." Pettine has a lot of fans but problems with Kyle Shanahan has led to a change on the offensive side of the field. He has been a stable force among the storms of Johnny Manziel, legal issues for the owner and Text-gate.

Giving Farmer and Pettine at least a third season in Cleveland would be huge for the foundation of the team. A new regime would likely bring in a different philosophy both on and off the field. While the Browns have brought in a ton of young talent, they may not fit with the new regime's plans. Starting the roster over is something Browns fans are used to, and realize how much it sets back a team (Years!).

That would be especially concerning with the possible consistency that the Browns could have on their roster going forward.

While their are still needs at certain positions, the Browns have 8 of their 11 offensive starters under contract next year. Only Rob Housler, Alex Mack and Mitchell Schwartz could be gone. Cameron Erving and Michael Bowie are young players that could step in for those two offensive linemen. The Browns don't have a tight end to replace Housler, who joined the team on a 1 year deal.

On defense, only 1 certain starter, Tashaun Gipson, can be a free agent next year. Gipson is a big 1 but having 10 out of 11 starters return would be great. Phil Taylor and Craig Robertson also can be free agents but will have to fight for starting spots. Taylor is likely to backup 1st Round pick Danny Shelton while Robertson will have to hold off 2nd year LB Christian Kirksey, which may be tough.

Returning 18 of 22 starters, especially a lot of young players would be huge for the foundation of the team. This is especially great for the Browns with the waves of young players coming in from the last two off-seasons, via the NFL Draft and undrafted free agency.

Could it be that Consistency, both with the administrative and player components of the game, lead to wins and hopefully development of a QB. It is the one thing we know the Browns are in total control over. They can build the consistency of their team with the hopes of adding wins. The QB still seems to be the tricky part.

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