Browns Fans Near Bottom of Fan Rankings

Are Browns fans the worst in the league? One university study would have you believe they are right at the bottom.

For the second straight year, the fan base in Cleveland was right near the bottom of Emory University’s “fan equity” rankings.

The rankings are based on fan spending decisions. The group claims to make a forecast model for team revenue based on team performance and market conditions, and then compares the forecast revenue against the actual revenue. The “best fans” will have out-spent Emory’s forecast.

In 2013, the Browns ranked 20th in the study, but fell to 30th in 2014 and this year fell one more spot to 31st.

“Cleveland may have never recovered from the loss of the Ravens, and the recreation of the Browns” says Emory.

Don’t look for the Browns to make a huge jump any time soon either. The study takes into account the previous 15 years of results. Sorry Emory, if fans of a team with a combined record of 82-158 during that time frame don’t spend as much money on the team as you think they should.

The top five fan bases according to Emory are fans of the Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, Ravens and Jets in that order.

Pittsburgh was 14th and the Bengals were 24th for those interested.

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