Notes to Quote: About Rookie LB Nate Orchard

Some recent quotes from our sources on the status and potential of pass rushing OLB Nate Orchard heading toward training camp

Notes to Quote — About Rookie LB Nate Orchard

“Intelligent, very mature, committed, plays the game with passion. The young man has something about him, when he straps on the helmet, he has an angry streak — something within him changes and he is fierce. He’s a rookie, he’s going to have his ups and downs as he learns the responsibilities, etc.”

“There was not a single pass rusher on a consistent basis from the edge any better playing down-hill a year ago in college than Nate Orchard. Right now, he is working on his drops (which he is really coming with), he is recognizing the run and he is relentless when rushing the QB.”

“Nate (Orchard) is a young guy that we know can come in and rush the QB. With the quality and depth we have been developing, we don’t have to count on him to play every down, he can develop and be productive for us.”

“He (Orchard) has had the opportunity to play strong-side, as well as practicing behind (Paul) Kruger, which is a different look for him, but the exposure will help him. We like versatility, speed, aggressive play. Once he (Orchard) makes the adjust to the speed and mental aspects playing here, we anticipate he’ll do very well.”

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