Notes to Quote: Rookie DL Xavier Cooper

With training camp just around the corner, check out what the Browns are thinking about new DL Xavier Cooper

Some comments from our sources about new Browns defensive lineman Xavier Cooper:

“Very quick hands and burst — gets himself into a solid leverage position and has an endless motor. What he lacks is experience and he’ll get plenty of work.”

“You can’t teach what this young man has — determination, athleticism and strength. He could quickly become a very good lineman for us, he was a guy we kept an eye on as the draft moved on.”

“When we looked at our board, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make the move to get him (Cooper).”

“Someone mentioned we drafted Thunder (Danny Shelton) and lightning (Xavier Cooper), that could ultimately be what we see out there. Two guys that will get after it.”

“He (Cooper) pays attention to everything, he’s an attentive guy, he wants to learn, wants to be great and wants to play — we can’t ask or expect more than that.”

“We wanted to improve our inside presence, get pressure inside, make things more difficult for them (opposition), I think we have a couple guys here (Cooper and Shelton) that are going to make some noise and wear this uniform a long time.”

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