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Our Cleveland Browns Insider, @LaneAdkins, answers our Twitter questions. Questions about the Browns pass game, offensive line, Alex Mack and more are all answered here for you.

Some questions and answers from Lane’s always-active Twitter account. Follow Lane at [@TheRealLA](



@TheRealLA__ how do the Browns anticipate dealing with other teams stacking the box w/o someone to stretch the field. Can’t always run vs. 8

Fast Lane: The Browns must prove they can legitimately get the ball out and make plays in the passing game. I’m not talking about a simple crossing route, but some threat and consistency in the seam, down-field.

Speed isn’t necessarily the only attribute that can accomplish this. Accuracy, match-ups, etc, factor into the equation. A season ago, the Browns were often in position to make plays down-field, but didn’t due to inability to hit the target and maintain play integrity.

Until the Browns can provide/improve this element, teams are going to stack the box and challenge them to beat them over the top.

Ben Williams @perditiondawgs

@TheRealLA__ who do think are the starting 5 for the Browns offensive line in 2015 AND 2016?

Fast Lane: Thomas, Bitonio, Mack, Greco and Schwartz heading into training camp. Erving is going to push very hard on the right-side and wouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns start him if he has a solid camp.

2016 — Thomas, Bitonio, Erving, Greco and unknown. I still sense Mack is far from sold on the organization, if he has a good year the market will be there for him to cash in again.

Adam @MossmanCLE

@TheRealLA__ what do Browns do concerning upcoming Alex Mack situation?

Fast Lane: You put him on the field and let him play. If Cam Erving is everything they believe he is and shows this in camp, they have options regarding moving Mack, if they believe he is not going to return.

Geoff LaTulippe @DrGMLaTulippe

@TheRealLA__ Quick Pryor question - is there a good reason the #Browns wouldn’t try him (Terrelle Pryor) at TE? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Fast Lane: I sense the Browns want to see where he is come early August. I do know the Browns have discussed various ways to utilize Pryor, if he shows developable skill-set in camp.

Tom Moore @Tom_RedRight88

@TheRealLA__ If he didn’t play at Ohio State, would any Browns fan really think Terrell Pryor is an NFL wide receiver?

Fast Lane: Hard to imagine anyone would see him as a WR at this point. Pryor hasn’t really played the position, has taken a snap here and there, but nothing of substance.

Nama @Inama7

@TheRealLA__ I hope the Browns are smart enough to use Duke Johnson as their feature back. How do you think he will be utilized?

Fast Lane: He is going to get opportunities in training camp, they simply love his explosiveness and the threat he possesses on any given play. If he can handle the load and be effective, he will get reps.

As camp starts, Johnson will gain opportunities with the starters, especially in third down drills and will gain more as he proves to know the assignments and produces. He’ll likely gain reps in the return game as well.

Paul Baker @dawgpownd

@TheRealLA__ Hey Lane, why media so down on our rcvr corps? I think we’ve a pretty decent cast. QB play + running game makes difference.

Fast Lane: The Browns lack that guy, the number-one many deem necessary. Nobody stands out to those that don’t really watch this team as it develops talent.

If the QB can play effectively and limit mistakes, this could be an interesting season. An above-average passing game and a commitment to the run is the genesis of success.

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