Reggie Wayne Unlikely, Perfect Fit for Browns

The Cleveland Browns haven't "fixed" their wide receiver "problem" in the eyes of most fans. Longtime Colt Reggie Wayne is available and would be a perfect, albeit unlikely, fit for the team.

The Cleveland Browns are not likely to make any big moves to their roster at this point in time. Maybe if a surprise cut puts a perfect veteran on the market they may make a change that could be seen as big. Besides that we continue to expect GM Ray Farmer, and whoever takes his place for the first four games, to turn over the bottom of the roster. This year the bottom of the roster may be the last 3 or 4 guys, compared to the last 8 to 10 in years past.

Yet there is one veteran on the market that would be considered a big move. Reggie Wayne would be a perfect fit for what the Browns need, even though his signing is highly unlikely.

Wayne, coming back from a torn triceps, has stated that he wants to play one more season, as reported here in this ESPN article:

When asked why he wants to play one more season, Wayne said, "I want to finish how I know I can finish."

ESPN also stated that teams have been in contact with the 14 year pro but would not say which ones. The Browns may have been one of those teams since Wayne has been available all off-season.

The problem for the Browns is that Wayne is used to playing for very competitive, Playoff bound teams. The Indianapolis Colts have only missed the post-season twice since Wayne's second year in the league, 2011 and 2013. The Colts moved on from Wayne, who had his worst seasons in 2013 and '14 since 2002, this off-season by adding a number of wide receivers.

While Wayne signing with the Browns is unlikely, it would be perfect. First, Wayne is still able to produce. He played through his torn triceps as well as elbow issues, last year and still had 64 catches for 779 yards. While never a huge TD magnet, Wayne has been consistent throughout his career, piling up 82 scores.

For the Browns, Wayne would like compete with Brian Hartline for the #2 position on the outside, opposite Dwayne Bowe. Wayne's solid route running, great hands and professionalism would be a big addition for the team. He could help the Terrelle Pryor's and Vince Mayle's learn the ins and outs of the game while giving Josh McCown a reliable receiver that must be accounted for.

Wayne's reputation has always been a little bigger than his production. He has been a great receiver but more of an excellent possession guy who is consistent. He has garnered over 130 targets in 7 of the last 9 seasons, with 116 last year as well. Those kind of targets come because of his hands and route running and have helped his reception and yardage numbers.

At this point in the year, with Training Camps opening soon, Wayne is unlikely to sign with a team that is looking to give him that many targets. Instead he is likely to sign with a team looking to have him put them over the top. Somewhat surprising the New England Patriots haven't been rumored to being pursuing him. The New Orleans Saints could be a sleeper team.

For the Browns, if healthy, Wayne would be a clear upgrade over Hartline, a comfort for McCown and a mentor for their young receivers. His reputation would also draw coverage attention, possibly opening up things for other pass catchers.

Reggie Wayne is not signing with the Cleveland Browns but his addition would be perfect for the team.

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