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Manziel Making Headlines Again

Johnny Manziel is back in the news before training camp, but this time for good reasons

Johnny Manziel is back in the off-season headlines, but this time it is for good reasons.

Manziel reportedly reached out to former NFL coach and quarterback guru Jon Gruden. According to Charlie Campbell, the pair worked on Manziel's mechanics and spent some time in the film room.

Jon Gruden has showered praise on Manziel in the past, including encouraging the Raiders to draft him according to Ian Rapoport. Before Manziel was drafted in 2014, Gruden said on ESPN's First Take that he believed Manziel, given time to grow with an offense in the NFL, could be a "smash hit."

He was also featured on Gruden's QB Camp, where Gruden ran him through the paces before he was selected by the Browns in the first round. 

First, this is certainly much better news than we are used to hearing regarding Manziel's off-season activities. To be fair, since undergoing rehab at the begining of the year, there have not been any real incidents involving Manziel. (Drunk, obnoxious fans aside.)

Fans will certainly be glad to hear that Manziel is using his down time to try and get better. You would have to think the Browns would as well, since they can't be working with him until camp begins. 

Will these few extra work-outs translate to better production on the practice field? Who knows, but it certainly has to be better than the alternative.

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