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Quotes to Note

Notes and quotes surrounding key aspects for the Cleveland Browns potential success heading into training camp.

* On veteran QB Josh McCown replacing Brian Hoyer -

“We’re appreciative of everything Brian (Hoyer) did in his time with the Browns. He overcame injury and played well at times for us, much like the team did last season. Going forward with Josh (McCown), we feel good that his strengths are what we were looking for as we developed this offense. Josh can drive the ball down-field accurately and has shown when protected in a balanced attack, to be very effective and efficient.”

* On the ongoing questioning about the lack of size and perceived lack of talent at the WR position - 

“We have guys in here that we believe are very capable, whether they are 6’4” or 5”8. We added size with (Dwayne) Bowe, (Brian) Hartline), selected a big receiver in the draft (Vince Mayle) and have Rodney Smith returning after a solid year in our program. 

In this offense, or in any offense, guys like Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel will make an impact — those guys are physically strong, exceptionally quick and improving as receivers.

As a team, if we execute a season ago, our passing numbers, specifically the ypc would have been significantly better and it wasn’t bad, but we are always looking to improve. We missed far too many opportunities a season ago due to execution issues — from missed line assignments to inaccuracy, we feel good where we are right now and expect the passing game to be better in the 2015 season.

* On bringing in Terrelle Pryor to compete/learn the WR position - 

“It’s as simple as this, but not. We have nothing to lose in bringing (Terrelle) Pryor in to see if he can realistically play/contribute going forward. He hasn’t been a WR at this level, he has played around a little catching passes, but that’s a much different thing that lining-up against Joe Haden and trying to catch a ball 12 yards down-field.

He’s a young, athletic guy that wants to achieve badly, wants to be part of the game and has some potential to do just that. We’ll see where he is during camp, while the odds are against him due to these guys in the locker room having been receivers for a period of time, you certainly can’t discount the athleticism and drive.”

* On whether there is a time-table for QB Johnny Manziel to show he is a viable option - 

“Where we stand today is no different that when we stated our expectations of him. He (Manziel) has to be professional, work at his craft — he’s learned that being a QB in the NFL is a little different than it was in college and has demonstrated to this point his desire, attention and seriousness to not only prove he belongs, but in a sense wipe-out his last year, on and off the field.

If he continues on the path he’s been on since his return, he has a chance. We as an organization are not putting time on anything with him — work hard, be responsible, be a good teammate, develop as a leader and show it on the practice field and locker room. If he can achieve that, then he has a chance.”

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