Pryor Makes Good First Impression

The Cleveland Browns opened Training Camp today and Terrelle Pryor did his best to make a good impression. Fred was live in Berea for his Browns and WR debut.

BEREA— Connor Shaw dropped back to pass and lofted a spiral down the sideline and No. 87 broke free and caught the pass in stride separating from the defender.

Number 87 is former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who was in his first day trying to make the switch to wide receiver.

Later on, Pryor caught a pass over the middle from Thaddeus Lewis in the team scrimmage.

Pryor was asked his assessment after the first practice.

“In talking to some of the vets there were some positives and things I need to build on,” Pryor said. “I can learn from Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline and the other guys and the coaches.

“I just want to get one percent better every day and see where it goes.”

Mike Pettine said he couldn’t help himself watching Pryor.

“He looks great in a uniform,” Pettine said. “(He’s) a big, explosive athlete. He’s got a lot to learn, especially coming off of press coverage. It was a solid first day. We’ll see. It surely is going to be a progression, but it certainly was a good start for Terrelle.”

Fellow former Buckeyes Brian Hartline and Donte Whitner both said it will be a tall task for Pryor to make the transition in the relatively brief preseason.

“I have been playing since I was 16, just like the majority of the guys in the NFL, Hartline said Wednesday. “Now, (Pryor) has to make up years of learning and work in a couple weeks. Pretty tall task.”

Pryor agreed, but Pryor said he’s up for the challenge.

“Like Brian and Donte said it’s going to be a tall task,” Pryor said. “It’s going to be a tough task and anybody that’s competitive when they’re something to chase after and something so steep makes you want to pursue it that much harder.

“I think that’s where my mindset is now,” he said. “Asking a lot of questions, being humble and I feel if I keep focusing on that I think that gives me the best chance.”

Pryor thinks his size and speed will give him an advantage against smaller defensive backs.

“I think I’m big and don’t think a lot of guys can run with me,” Pryor said. “I really don’t.”

Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden offered his thoughts on Pryor.

“That’s legit,” Haden said. “I’ve never seen someone make the transition (from quarterback to wide receiver in the NFL). He can run and I can’t wait to see him.

“He has the size, he’s bigger than JG (Josh Gordon),” he said. “He’s fast and huge. It looks like it would work.”

Pryor said he’s moved past being an NFL quarterback and is grateful for the opportunity with the Browns.

“I’m a realist,” Pryor said. “I understand how life works and I’m not going to keep pursuing something and end up being 30-32 years old and I said why not use my God-given ability. Like I said, I believe I can do it.”

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