Nate Orchard Quotes and Video

Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Nate Orchard met with the media after Sunday's training camp practice, and discussed his goals and where he is in his development this summer.


Cleveland Browns linebacker Nate Orchard met with the media after Sunday's training camp practice. Here's what he had to say.

On the personality of the defense and if his teammates push him to be great:

"Definitely. It's a high demand for greatness. (DB)Donte Whitner, (LB) Karlos Dansby, those guys that have been in the system, been playing for years and years that's just what they demand and that's the expectation on this defense. It's not different from me playing University of Utah where defense is the entire team, and that's the mentality here. Defense is going to win games. I feel like I'm in a great system and I have great players around me."

On the first practices in pads facing veterans in drills:

"I haven't had the chance to go up against (OL) Joe Thomas, but I mean, in OTAs or things like that, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to go up against someone who has been in a Pro Bowl eight years in a row. I'm beyond blessed. To go up against the best, to be able to work on my craft, if I can get my way around Joe, going up against other guys in the league, [I'll] probably do good."

On if is holding his own in practice:

"Yeah, I think I'm doing well, but at the end of the day there are always things to improve on technique-wise, pass rushing, even if it's run stopping. There's so much on the table so every day you just have to keep building and building."

On his sacks improving from 3.5 to 18.5 in his senior year of college:

"Marriage (laughter). I always tell this: it's a mentality; you have to go in with the right mentality. Going into my senior year, being married, having a kid, growing up so much just in those one or two years, I realized that football is going to help me provide for my family and to take that next level I have to go in with the right mindset. I went to the coaches, talking to them, they helped me getting the right help and helping my pass rush game. That's just why I did so well senior year.”

On his role in the defense:

"As far as my role in this defense, I'm just doing what the coaches want me to do. Listening to (outside linebackers) coach (Brian) Fleury, (defensive coordinator) coach Jim O'Neil, whatever they demand of me. At the end of the day, I get my practice report, I have to fix my mistakes and I just I have to keep building on that day after day. At the end of the day, wherever they need me, if it's on sub packages or things like that I have to go in and make plays.”

On the types of things he needs to improve on:

"Little things like footwork, hand placement are the biggest thing. Not getting reached on run blocks and things like that. Those little things can make a huge difference, getting around the edge, things like that. Everyday just have to keep looking at those notes and fixing those mistakes going into the next practice."

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