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Pryor Trick Plays Create Buzz, Options

Terrelle Pryor is still on the bubble of the Cleveland Browns roster but everyday he seems more embedded in his spot. Today he was seen by fans and media running a trick play, end around pass which brought buzz and options for the team's offense.

When the Cleveland Browns brought Terrelle Pryor in, many thought he would struggle to make the team. That is still very possible, as we are only on the 5th day of Training Camp, but so far Pryor hasn't looked out of place and has fans excited. Pryor's size and athleticism presents something unique for the team on the outside. His history as an Ohio State Buckeye is a fun part of the narrative but it is his physical gifts that have created a buzz.

This morning that buzz went up a notch as the Browns, with ESPN watching on, ran an end around pass trick play with Pryor:

Couple of important things to note about this play:

A) Now that everyone knows about it, it is unlikely to be run in a Regular Season game anytime soon.

B) That doesn't mean it can't have a big impact, especially when Pryor comes in motion.

For the Browns, if Pryor makes the team and is on the field, this play can setup a number of other plays. First, because Pryor can throw, safeties and corners can't disengage from their coverage as soon as the former QB gets the handoff. This should allow the long striding Pryor to get into the open field on end arounds or reverses.

Second, and maybe most importantly, this play opens up plays for others. Pryor coming in motion, with the possibility of an end around can force linebackers to take steps his way and keep safeties from cheating down the middle. This should open up inside running lanes as well as runs away from Pryor's motion. It can also be a way to setup misdirection screens to backs or receivers, toward the side Pryor was motioning from.

The Browns running this trick play with ESPN watching on seems purposeful to get people talking and put a little something in defensive coordinators minds. I wouldn't be shocked to see a very similar play ran in one of the pre-season games, just to keep it fresh in teams' minds. 

We may not see it on the field but the Terrelle Pryor trick play can still have an impact on the Browns this year.

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