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Karlos Dansby Quotes and Video

Cleveland Browns linebacker Karlos Dansby met with the media following Wednesday's training camp practice and discussed goal-line drills and his impression of rookie defensive tackle Danny Shelton.

Our Hayden Grove was at Browns training camp on Wednesday and caught up with linebacker Karlos Dansby, who met with the media after practice. Here's what Dansby had to say:

LB Karlos Dansby:

On how much he enjoys the goal line drills:

"It is huge. Pretty much a game-time situation. We are trying to prepare ourselves and get ready for the season. When you have these kind of opportunities, you have to take advantage of them."

On what the defense focuses on during the goal-line drills and one-on-one battles:

"Execute. Just executing and keeping the offense out of the end zone by any means necessary. Just trying to finish that play and win that down. If you keep them out of the end zone, you can win the ball games."

On if he liked offensive coordinator John DeFilippo's play call to just pound the ball during the goal line drill:

"Yeah, it shows a lot of moxie. Your character is going to be tested on plays like that and downs like that. We just tried to make most of it as a defense and take advantage of the opportunity. The offense came out and said they wanted to man up today. We had to see who we were."

On what he has seen from the defense to make him believe the Browns can stop the run this year:

"We just have to be consistent. That is what you have to be in the run. Stopping the run, you have to be consistent in where you play your technique, you have to trust the guy next to you and you have to do that on every down and you have to do that play in and play out."

On DL Danny Shelton and the new defensive pieces that were added:

"It is huge. Their role that they play in this defense and the scheme and the way we play it, they make an impact and they make an impact fast. We are looking forward to having them out there with the live bullets."

On if Shelton will free up more space for him to operate:

"That is a big man. He is definitely a big man, I can’t deny that. Hopefully, he will free me up and allow me to flow a little bit cleaner and make more plays."

On his comfort level in Year 2 of the defense:

"It takes a lot when you have a new scheme in play. Like I said, I think everybody in the locker room on the defensive side of the ball is more comfortable in the scheme. Even the coaches with the personnel that we have, they are doing a better job of putting us in position and putting guys in position to make plays. That shows growth and maturity within the scheme."

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