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Isaiah Crowell, John Greco Video, Quotes

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell and offensive lineman John Greco met with the media after Monday's practice and discussed the running back situation.

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell and offensive lineman John Greco met with the media after Monday's training camp practice. The pair discussed the running back position, which has been ravaged by injuries in just the past few weeks. Here's what the two had to say:

RB Isaiah Crowell:

On running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery’s comment that someone needs to step up and take the job:

“That is what the coach said so I just have to come out here and just keep working hard. I have to come out here and take it slow and keep progressing each and every day.”

On if he is reading into the RB situation that one back could potentially get the bulk of the carries:

“Yeah, that is how I am reading it. I have to come out here and just keep working hard and keep doing my job. Everything will play out.”

On if he has done enough to start at RB:

“Obviously, I haven’t so I have to keep working and keep working. The coach knows what is right and knows what is best so I have to come out here and keep working.”

On Montgomery’s comments that the RBs need to show him they are hungry:

“I feel like he means just coming out here, practicing, not coming out of practice, staying in the film room late, studying and just doing everything a professional has to do.”

On if he felt he was doing that already:

“Now I realize that I wasn’t so I just have to do more.”

On if the RBs were getting the same message in meetings:

“Actually no, but I saw it. I saw exactly what everyone else sees. I just have to come out here and keep working hard.”

On what Montgomery tells the RB room:

“He tells us to keep working. He told us that the position is open and that they are looking for someone to take the job. All I do is control what I can control and come out here and working every day.”

On if there was a lot of buzz among the RBs today:

“We had conversations about it, but I really don’t like to talk about it too much because talking does nothing. I just have to keep coming out here and keep working hard and do what I can do and control what I can control.”

On if the conversation was amongst the RBs or with Coach Montgomery:

“Amongst ourselves.”

On if he is the type of player that really turns it on when the lights come on for an actual game, even if it doesn’t show in practice:

“I feel like a lot of people tell me that, but I feel like I do my job at practice, in the games and anything they want me to do.”

On what kind of shape he entered camp:

“I feel like I was in OK shape, but obviously I wasn’t in good enough shape for them. I have to do my part in getting in better shape.”

OL John Greco:

On the RBs during camp:

“There were a couple guys that got banged up early, but I think the healthy ones that were in there showed great running skills. I told (RB) Isiah (Crowell) that he is running the ball hard and he looks good. It is exciting to be out there blocking for him. (RB) Shaun Draughn is out there running hard, even the new guys we brought in. I played with (RB) Jalen Parmele in college so I know he is a great competitor and runner. I like where those guys are at. My thing is no matter who is getting the ball, we have to block and make holes for him. It doesn’t matter who is back there, we just have to do our job so they can look good.”

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