Report: NFL Draft in Cleveland An Option

In the last few decades, no city has loved the NFL Draft as much as Cleveland. According to a report, the city is on a list of cities that could host the event in the future. Cleveland and the NFL Draft, goes well together.

The NFL Draft is going back to Chicago, according to multiple reports. After leaving New York, and promising to rotate throughout the country, Chicago is getting the event in back to back years. From all reports, Chicago did a great job of hosting the event, even if it caused for some long delays on the TV side.

The Cleveland Browns, due to their poor performance and record, have had the NFL Draft as their Super Bowl for far to long. Often, Cleveland has the highest ratings as their dedicated fans tune in to find out who their next great hope will be.

According to Ian Rapoport, those fans could be in line to do the same thing but with the event in the City of Cleveland:

That should get fans excited. 

Cleveland was able to host the Republican Debate last week and has been building itself up as a place to come for events over the last decade. 

It will be interesting how the NFL decides to award the Draft to different cities. Chicago and NY make sense based on their size and ability to facilitate such large number of people. Dallas, LA and Miami have the weather factor in their favor while Denver joins them as destination locations.

Pittsburgh and Cleveland standout for two reasons: 1) They are not great weather or destination locations and 2) They are deep rooted in football tradition, with very strong fan basis.

If the NFL plans to do a rotation maybe they do a big city (Chicago/NY), a good weather city (Miami/etc) and traditional football cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh and others like Buffalo.

Cleveland could do a great job hosting the NFL Draft. According to this one report, they are in the mix. Hopefully they can pull it out (and by that time the team will actually be in the race for the real Super Bowl and not just a high draft pick).

Do you think the city is ready to host the NFL Draft?

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