Video: Manziel Injury Update, Starting Chance

Johnny Manziel didn't participate in practice today, in this Scout Now video we give you an update on the second year QB and his chance of starting.


If Johnny Manziel does something great, it gets attention. If Johnny Manziel does something bad, it gets attention. So today when Johnny Manziel wasn't participating in practice, it got attention.

As mentioned in the above video, Manziel's "injury" isn't seen as anything more than "camp arm." He threw a lot of passes recently and his arm was a little sore. Kevin O'Connell reported no concern related to Manziel missing today and Manziel will likely play in Thursday Night's Pre-season opener.

However, with Manziel's struggles to pickup the NFL game, every rep he misses is a concern for the Browns. Manziel is working on building both mental and physical muscle memory. He was able to work on the mental aspects during practice but nothing beats the practice reps that he missed out on. 

With his small frame, injuries were a concern in the lead up to the NFL Draft last year as well. He was hurt in his short time on the field last year, causing him to miss the season finale. While today isn't considered an injury, it is something the Browns must pay attention to as the young Manziel develops physically.

As noted in the video, it would require a big Pre-season from Manziel and either some struggles or an injury to starter Josh McCown for Manziel to get reps as a starter this season. Most believe that this is Manziel's rookie season after last year was wasted. With McCown as a mentor, as well as O'Connell as his QB coach, Johnny already seems more comfortable and prepared for his role this year and going forward.

Today was a slight blip for Johnny Manziel and the Browns. Not a huge concern but something to stay aware of.

Do you read anything into Manziel sitting out practice today?

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